Thursday, 26 February 2009

Compare, contrast and discuss.

On a similar note.Which would you prefer on your side?

Army or Police which would you trust?

Two pictures.
One is a highly trained disciplined individual that is proud to serve Queen and Country.They would lay down their life in order to protect others without hesitation.Despite the odds they will fight in the knowledge that what they are doing is right.Patriotism personified.
One is an individual highly trained in diversity issues but lacking in moral fibre.They would be proud to be on a gay pride march but runs away from groups of people who would seek to do them harm.They wouldnt hesitate to follow any orders from their Labour masters and see the public as the enemy rather than the people they should be protecting and serving.They have no loyalty to the Crown or anything that this country stands for.
Which way round you decide.
I know which one I would want on my side and it wouldnt be the social worker in the top picture.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Rioting and disorder-call in the PCSOs.

The Police are warning of a "summer of rage" .

When the shit really hits the fan the Police will not have enough trained officers to cope so will rely on PCSOs.

Can you imagine a few PCSOs trying to hold back a mob of baying pitchfork wielding citizens .

These cunts pretending to be Police officers will need all the help they can get from the general law abiding populace.When the call for help comes good people remember to do your duty and tell them to fuck right off.We have all had to put up with these fucking little hitlers telling us what to do and what not to do over the last few years.My advice to the PCSOs would be-get out while you can and get a proper job .

Roll on summer it looks like it could be rather fun.

I hope the powers that be are not relying on the Army to put down any uprising.The Armed Forces swear allegiance to the Monarch not to Politicians and they hate Brown and his bunch of retarted marxists as much(if not more) than the average person in the street.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Goodbye to Wales

Just arrived back after a few days in Welsh Wales.

The natural scenery was wonderful and suprisingly the weather was quite good.

The thing that struck me was how thick and rude the Welsh are.

The locals seem to have no sense of humour and are incapable of conversing with you at all.The shop staff have difficulty with basic maths and communicate by way of grunts.
Case in point -my wife went into a newsagent to buy a couple of papers.
The place was deserted apart from a woman behind the till communicating with someone on the phone in Welsh.My wife stood there with two papers in her hand and the woman just ignored her and carried on speaking gibberish.Not one to take such things lying down my good lady wife told her in no uncertain terms(in English) that if she wanted our business she had better get off the phone PDQ and do her job.
No one messes with my good lady wife and gets away with it.

So Wales is a lovely country spoilt by the miserable anti English inbred retarded fuckwits that live in houses like those above.Its no coincidence that welsh and wankers begin with the same letter.

Friday, 13 February 2009


"Gordon, having failed at everything else, gets involved in bizarre initiation ceremony with some upcoming gang members."

"And what British job would you like when you're a big boy?"

"And you just remove this little pin...aeeiii Infidel bastar-----"

"And this is a blood-emerald that my mummy smuggled out of Angola."

"The pygmies pleaded their case for asylum"

"Whilst the other G8 leaders saved the world, Gordon looked after the Obamalettes"

"Welcome to Brown Britain!"

"Christ almighty Barrak, you are a fucking sight smaller in the flesh!"

"Gordon interviews potential candidates for the urgent job of replacing David Lammy."

"Gordon Brown Shouts at the organiser of a children event at number 10 "Who let black children in they cost more"

"GORDON BROWN GETS DOWN WITH THE KIDS: "Hey Boya,com pik me nose cause me fingas arr too tick"

"who's little gollywog are you then?"

UPDATE 6.55pm - comments still being added

"Have you been CRB checked?"

"We dont need the native working classes now, these are our future voters"

"Now which one of you is President Obama?"

Hat Tip Derek Drapers Labourlost

This what all the fuss is about.

Warning-Graphic Images Of violence.

If anyone wants to visit Geert Wilders website

Religious hatred of Christians.

A five-year-old who chatted about Jesus and Heaven was told off by a teacher for inciting religious hatred. The child's mother, a Christian and employee of the school, sent a private email - from her home computer - to her friends asking them to pray about this. Note that she did not insist the school join in, only that her friends should pray. This woman has now been censured by her headmaster for bringing the school into disrepute. Cranmer has more detail.Four things:1. A five-year-old chatting about their beliefs is not proselytising, it's kids sharing stories. A five-year-old chatting about Harry Potter would, by this same logic, be promoting witchcraft. A five-year-old chatting about Allah would be encouraged.2. As with the Carol Thatcher case, a private conversation (in this case Email, so not overheard) leads to a Righteous reprisal.3. Christianity is not (yet) an illegal religion in this country. Christians are permitted to discuss their faith with anyone who will listen (which means that those who don't want to listen shouldn't be pestered, but there's no evidence of that here).4. One or more of this woman's friends are members of the Righteous thought police. Emails cannot be overheard, they have to be printed or forwarded.It's not a good time to be Christian. Even bishops aren't safe from thought-police neighbours and brutal arrest, for the heinous crime of allowing his kids to have fun. None of this seems to ever happen to any other religion. Funny, that. Oddly enough, all the creationism/evolution fights centre on Christianity, and not on the creation stories of other religions. Atheist attacks focus on Christianity and although they will claim that, by extension, they apply to all faiths, you never hear them denounce Ganesh or Krishna or Allah or even Darvell Gadarn. Atheism, by the way, is now officially a religion with Dawkins as its prophet. Criticism of Prophet Dawkins is not permitted, and Atheism is the One Truth that all must see and embrace. So, since I have no religion, I can no longer be an atheist either. I'm going to have to be an apathist or something.The Righteous talk of tolerance and acceptance, but they practise neither. They talk of inclusivity and peace, but are uninterested in either concept.They talk of racism and bigotry. Now there, they have cornered the market.Better start rebuilding those priest holes, Christians. You'll soon need them again. As for the other religions, don't get too complacent. Once the Righteous get started they never know when to stop.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

It gets worse!!!

It just gets worse by the day.

Not content with promoting gay sex month and being in the top 100 lets get buggered employers Kent police are going to give tasers to their traffic cops.

Its bad enough that Kent resident have a load of nancy boys and lezzers protecting them but now they are going to be armed .How long will it be before PC Gayboy has an argument with his special friend and decides to use his weapon (ooeer) on him.

As for the crims in Kent I bet they are pissing themselves laughing at Kent police and probably ramping up the arms race to the next level.

So Kent police stop playing gay pride and retake the streets from the real criminals.Dont ask a pooftah to do a mans work it will end in tears.

Just in case anyone accuses me of being homo phobic or some other bullshit phrase my answer is.....

Phobic means fear-I am not afraid of nancy boys and lessers.I just dont want people who have strange sexual tastes to preach to me and my kids that it is normal.Its not normal and its not clever.
In short stick it up your arse(perhaps not the best phrase to use under the circumstances).

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Shirtlifters and Shoplifters.

I thought that Sussex Police were bad enough but Kent Police have taken the biscuit.
They have been included in the top 100 lgb(lets get buggered) employers in the country and are actively supporting gay sex month.Their web site states how proud they are to be given this award above Brighton and Hove Council for fucks sake.
Not only that they are encouraging kids to write poems about how good it is that the Police are more interested in being shirtlifters than apprehending shoplifters.
Mind you there is an over 18 section so I might enter myself....
Kent Police we are gay and proud
We like to shout it out loud.
When you need us we are never here.
Thats because you are not a queer.
Kent Police never acts in haste
Because we dont realise that money spent on this is just a waste.
Promoting gay sex is such a farce.
Kent Police we like it up the arse.
Dont expect us to protect and serve.
We much prefer to act a perv.
Policemen used to like sports like rugger.
Now they prefer a quick bugger.
That should do it.£25 in my pocket no problem.
I cant take it anymore I think my head is just about to explode.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Nothing to Hide ,Nothing To Fear

I am sick of hearing this.In every conversation about Ingsoc's latest e-voyeur database plans, someone always comes out with 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear' delivered in that smug tone that implies 'I'll bet you're afraid because you're hiding something'. The thought police must be so proud of that.Yes, I am hiding something. A lot of things. So are you.Okay then, here's the challenge. If you truly, absolutely believe that you have nothing to hide, if you really believe there is nothing to fear, post your name. Your address. Your NI number and passport and driver's licence numbers. Your bank details along with how much is in each account. Your children's names and ages and where they go to school. Your mother's maiden name and your account numbers for electricity and gas supplies. The name of your mortgage provider.What's that? Invasion of privacy, you say? Oh, but you have nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear. Your government has all those details and many more. Every official who feels like it can have a peek. So what's hidden, really? You have nothing to fear, do you?Ah, but I hear some discontented rumblings. This information should not be handed out lightly. Someone might use it to hijack your life and steal all your money, or take out huge loans and leave you to pay them. All that is true. But you have nothing to fear, because you have nothing to hide, so post away.Where did you go on holiday? Who went with you? When did you last use your credit card? What did you buy? Who did you phone? Who did you email? Which websites have you visited?Don't want to answer? Why not? If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear and your government already has all this information anyway. On databases, linked and cross referenced and entrusted to private companies, not all of them UK-based.It's different though, you think. Your information is safer with the government than with just any unknown blogger. You really believe that? Then name the officials, clerks, office juniors and janitors who have access to that information in your files. You no more know them than you know me, so what's the difference?There is one difference, in fact.I won't put your details on a disk or USB stick and leave them around for just anyone to find. In that respect, you can trust me with your details more than you can trust your government.Nothing to hide? Nothing you want to keep to yourself? Nothing?It is a true statement in the end. He who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear, but he who has nothing to hide has nothing at all. We all have information we want kept private. We all have passwords and bank details and travel plans we don't want broadcast or left on a train. We all have something to hide.Thanks to Labour, we now all have a great deal to fear.So, smug Righteous out there, can we finally drop this 'nothing to hide' nonsense? It's never been true about any of us. If you stop and think for a moment, you'll realise it was never true about you either.

Article by Leg-Iron

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Beacon of No Hope

A beacon is defined as a light to warn of danger .The local comprehensive in Crowborough is also called beacon (community college) presumably because of its danger to your kids education if you ever make the mistake of sending your offspring to this wretched place.I dont profess to be an expert in education but I do recognise a shit school when I see one.
I do know several people who have been surprised just how shit the school is.There is a section within the school for disruptive little shits and another section for window lickers.The school
is commited to equality so their aim is to make sure all the pupils get a fair chance of being either a window licker or a little shit.
The parents send their kids to Beacon at 11 because there is no choice and they think that their kids will get a similar (good) standard of education as they experienced at primary school.
This is a big mistake .The kids leave primary school keen to learn and look forward to continuing their education at Beacon with the prospect of getting good qualifications as a stepping stone to getting a good job.
After 5 years at this shining light establishment they are lucky to get a few crappy gcse in media studies and face a life in Mc Donalds or if lucky Burger King.
The main problems are
Regular attendance seems to be entirely voluntary .
Teaching standards are poor.
The school is more interested in installing an expensive new wood chip boiler than providing any useful education.
There is no daily act of christian worship as required by law.
Bullying is rife.
All in all a shit school whose sole aim seems to be to turn out kids with no expectations other than lowly Mc Jobs or a life on the dole.The other agencies such as connexions(what the fuck do they do?) and social service use it as a feeder farm to keep their client numbers up.If the kids didnt have any problems before they went to Beacon they sure as fuck will have by the time they have been there a few months.
What kid wouldnt be fucked up by a constant diet of promoting alternative lifestyles .Gay sex ,drugs,self harming are all taught as acceptable.Islam is preferred to all other religions and if you are white English and nominally christian then you are fucking racist scum and should die a horrible death because you were all slave traders in past lives. I shit you not this is the sort of absolute bollocks that they teach these days.
As an illustration cookery lessons comprise of making pizzas to prepare you to work in Pizza Hut
or a Pizza factory. Jamie Oliver would be proud.
So if you want your kids future to be more than a junky, gay ,self harming pizza chef who reads the Koran then steer well clear of the Beacon.Its not for nothing that the school motto is abandon hope all who enter -your future is not bright its fucking bleak(we value diversity unless you are English and come from a good family in which case you can fuck off).

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