Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Police State

Sussex Police excelled themselves yesterday by stopping all motorists on the main road out of Crowborough at 8.30 am.People going about their own business were stopped by uniformed officers who then questioned them.Lets get this straight the Police decided to pull over all law abiding motorists and question them.Did no one think that this may portray them as Nazis and annoy the law abiding populace just a little bit.
They then launched into ask fucking stupid question mode.
1st Question-Where are you going?(none of their fucking business)
2ndQuestion-Where have you come from?(none of their fucking business)
Quick look around the car
3rd Question-Do you know its illegal to drink and drive?(Actually its illegal to drive with alcohol in your blood over the prescribed limit fuckwit)
4th Question-Do you plan to drink over Christmas?(Is the Pope Catholic etc-i didnt realise that drinking alcohol over christmas is now an offence)
Gestapo then says-based on what you have told me you can continue with your journey.Well thanks a lot you Nazi bastard -you stopped me for no reason to ask stupid questions and now you give me permission to carry on.
The Police were pulling over everyone regardless whether they suspected they had commited
an offence or not.Now excuse me but when was the law passed that allowed the Police to stop you if you hadnt commited or been suspected of commiting an offence.I must have missed that one.This country is getting more like Nazi Germany every day.
Also bear in mind that the Police are always moaning about lack of resources but can rustle
up half a dozen Officers to harrass the local populace.
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