Monday, 19 July 2010

Sussex Chief Constable is an undemocratic twat

Martin Richards QPM (quite possibly mad)is the Chief Constable of Sussex Police.He has been in all the right box ticking jobs to enable him to achieve this position without having any experience of front line Policing whatsoever.My sympathies are with all the hard working frontline coppers that have to put up with a weapons grade twat such as Richards as the head of their organisation.Well actually he is only a part time employeee of Sussex Police,the rest of his time he occupies himself by working for ACPO (association of crap police onanists).
Under labour Richards and his mates in ACPO were keen to implement all the insane policies that came from above with great gusto regardless of the fact that most ,if not all, actually destroyed the relationship that the Police had with the public.Public confidence in the Police is at an all time low and all Richards and his fellow onanists worry about is box ticking and statistics.

When labour were deposed it was hoped that the Police would try to rebuild the trust of the public by getting back to good old Policing methods that resulted in crimes being detected and crims arrested and put away.

The new Home Secretary who is actually in charge of the Police Force announced early on that many targets would be scrapped and the Police pledge would be scrapped with immediate effect.To people who dont know the police pledge was little more than a statists wet dream whereby box ticking is more important than actually serving and protecting the public.In fact nowhere in the police pledge was there any mention of actually detecting and solving crime.The targets were the be all and end all of policing and everything was skewed around so that box ticking became the sole purpose of the Police much to the disgust of the poor old bobbies on the front line.
When Theresa May announced the immediate scrapping of the Policing Pledge and its associated targets it was welcomed by most as a big step forward in re establishing a Police force that would actually do what it was supposed to do rather than ticking boxes.
Everything sounded good until it has come to light that many Chief Cunstables have taken it upon themselves to ignore the democratically elected Home Secretary and just carry on with the Policing pledge and all the box ticking paperwork that goes with it.So we have a position where a Chief Cunstable is actively working against the elected head of the Police in Government.In the Navy this would be treated as mutiny but Mr Onanist Richards can see nothing wrong with it.
Quite rightly the normal Police Officers are up in arms about this and Richards and his ilk are heading for a face off with the Government .Given that the Government ultimately holds the purse strings for the Police i think that Richards future may very well be very uncertain other than it will probably involve the words P45 and Jobcentre.As well as penalising forces that refuse to obey government policies it should also be a priority that ACPO should be disbanded and all its members should be disallowed from ever serving in the Police .
Elected Police chiefs are on the cards and I cant see this doing any harm to bringing them in ASAP.

Mr Hippy dippy Laura Bush!!! wtf the head of the Police Authority is equally to blame by not forcing Chief Cuntstable Richards to comply with policies coming down from the home office.Still if you employ hippies what do you expect Man.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Firearms safety part 1

Never shoot near livestock.

Guns should be kept in a closed secure gunslip or case at all times.

Guns should only be removed from the gunslip or guncase when you are ready to use them.

You should always know where your gun is pointed at all times.

Safety first.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Town Council is Lowest Quality.

Isnt it time the Council got their act together regarding their website.

Not only is the layout terrible  but it is so out of date.

The front page is a joke with a tacky low quality image proclaiming Quality Town Council which might just be believable if the image was actually high res.It looks like its a scanned image off a letter heading that has just be stuck at the top.High quality it is not but what do we really expect from our lowest of low quality town council.Underneath  it tells us that someone is standing in for the town clerk-why we need to know that I dont know but further down is the gem of the whole page.It gives us the contact details for road gritting!!!.In the middle of summer they must be taking the piss.
Going down (in more ways than one) we have the community section which contains the interesting heading "local heroes".Apparently you can tell the council if someone has been a hero including "people who work miracles" and" people who do amazing things ".The only person I can think of that fits the bill is Jesus himself and as far as I know he has never visited Crowborough.If Jesus did see fit to pop into Crowborough as part of the second coming I am sure the local lesbo outreach worker would declare that he was inciting religious hatred and being anti social by preaching to the masses.I wouldnt doubt that Ms Lesbo Outreach worker would get Ms Lesbo Police Chief to arrest him on sight so that our neighbourhoods can be safer and more resilient .The Roman empire has nothing on the lesbo lefties when it comes to hating christians but at least the Romans didnt suck up to M.O Hammed at every opportunity.

Anyway getting back to the website-they are still advertising Sussex Day which is excellent apart from the fact that it happened 3 weeks ago.
The Town newsletter is available online which is nice apart from the fact that there has not been a news letter since summer 2009.

All in all its tatty,badly organised and past its best.The websites not much better.

Doing a bit of digging reveals that there are criteria to be met before you can call your council a quality town council.Your council has to be democratic and produce a newsletter every quarter.Its not too arduous and cant be difficult to meet these criteria can it.Well Crowborough Town Council are so crap that the cant even manage that.Over half the councillors have not been voted in and the newsletter is non existent yet they still think they can boast of being a quality town council.To be fair the crap logo doesnt specify what quality we are talking about and if it is Low Quality then Crowborough TC deserves the award because it cant get any worse than it already is.
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