Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Beacon of No Hope

A beacon is defined as a light to warn of danger .The local comprehensive in Crowborough is also called beacon (community college) presumably because of its danger to your kids education if you ever make the mistake of sending your offspring to this wretched place.I dont profess to be an expert in education but I do recognise a shit school when I see one.
I do know several people who have been surprised just how shit the school is.There is a section within the school for disruptive little shits and another section for window lickers.The school
is commited to equality so their aim is to make sure all the pupils get a fair chance of being either a window licker or a little shit.
The parents send their kids to Beacon at 11 because there is no choice and they think that their kids will get a similar (good) standard of education as they experienced at primary school.
This is a big mistake .The kids leave primary school keen to learn and look forward to continuing their education at Beacon with the prospect of getting good qualifications as a stepping stone to getting a good job.
After 5 years at this shining light establishment they are lucky to get a few crappy gcse in media studies and face a life in Mc Donalds or if lucky Burger King.
The main problems are
Regular attendance seems to be entirely voluntary .
Teaching standards are poor.
The school is more interested in installing an expensive new wood chip boiler than providing any useful education.
There is no daily act of christian worship as required by law.
Bullying is rife.
All in all a shit school whose sole aim seems to be to turn out kids with no expectations other than lowly Mc Jobs or a life on the dole.The other agencies such as connexions(what the fuck do they do?) and social service use it as a feeder farm to keep their client numbers up.If the kids didnt have any problems before they went to Beacon they sure as fuck will have by the time they have been there a few months.
What kid wouldnt be fucked up by a constant diet of promoting alternative lifestyles .Gay sex ,drugs,self harming are all taught as acceptable.Islam is preferred to all other religions and if you are white English and nominally christian then you are fucking racist scum and should die a horrible death because you were all slave traders in past lives. I shit you not this is the sort of absolute bollocks that they teach these days.
As an illustration cookery lessons comprise of making pizzas to prepare you to work in Pizza Hut
or a Pizza factory. Jamie Oliver would be proud.
So if you want your kids future to be more than a junky, gay ,self harming pizza chef who reads the Koran then steer well clear of the Beacon.Its not for nothing that the school motto is abandon hope all who enter -your future is not bright its fucking bleak(we value diversity unless you are English and come from a good family in which case you can fuck off).


TractorStats said...

Your description is very good one and could be applied to most schools throughout what is left of this country. Time for a crusade to drive out the invaders and the Labour Traitors. I hope this summers huge street riots are a turning point for the demise of our nation inflicted upon us by Brown and his brainwashed followers. Strip them all of their ill gotten gains and commit them all to a life on the dole.

Captain Swing said...

I think you are right TS .

I suppose the only option will be home education (thats if the fuckers dont ban it)
I may not be a teacher but I can surely teach my son better than the cunts that accept their orders directly from the great leader(or is that leaker) and that fat fuck balls.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Literacy and numeracy levels are at their lowest for many years, just producing a bunch of pliant no hopers, not afflicted with the ability to think. Then if you do employ them, invariably in some non-job, they are given power over others, and procede to fuck even more up with there induced fuckwittery.

Forces resettlement officer suggested teaching when I left, after two interviews it became patently clear they didn't want ex-forces in the system, err discipline, yep. What's worng with "Pick a fucking window, and get out", if the fucktard lands on his head it ain't gonna hurt anything. A further failing was my lack of contriteness regarding slavery.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks Earthlet Nigel.

No discipline in school at all.

People like you would make an excellent teacher (i wouldnt-not enough patience).Unfortunately teaching has been taken over by the PC brigade and males are not welcome any more.Not many people know but about 5 years ago there
was a purge in teaching that stalin would be proud of.If your face didnt fit you were got rid of.
All the good teachers were got rid of because of poor performance(which to any normal person would be good performance)aka not politically correct.If the bastards couldnt get you on that they then trumped up some charge that you were cruel to a little shit because you took his knife and drugs away therefore infringing his uman rights.Finally if that didnt work it was "all male teachers are kiddy fiddlers" and sensibly all the male teachers left in their droves.Whats left of the teaching profession is now run by lefty man hating lezzers.

All this utter shite about slavery really makes my blood boil.No one ever mentions the barbary slave traders that raided southern england taking white slaves.The cunts seem to forget that it was British Naval power that put an end to that as well as the transatlantic slave trade.History rewritten,censorship,restrictions on freedom-sounds like we are living in a totalitarian marxist country to me.

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