Thursday, 12 February 2009

It gets worse!!!

It just gets worse by the day.

Not content with promoting gay sex month and being in the top 100 lets get buggered employers Kent police are going to give tasers to their traffic cops.

Its bad enough that Kent resident have a load of nancy boys and lezzers protecting them but now they are going to be armed .How long will it be before PC Gayboy has an argument with his special friend and decides to use his weapon (ooeer) on him.

As for the crims in Kent I bet they are pissing themselves laughing at Kent police and probably ramping up the arms race to the next level.

So Kent police stop playing gay pride and retake the streets from the real criminals.Dont ask a pooftah to do a mans work it will end in tears.

Just in case anyone accuses me of being homo phobic or some other bullshit phrase my answer is.....

Phobic means fear-I am not afraid of nancy boys and lessers.I just dont want people who have strange sexual tastes to preach to me and my kids that it is normal.Its not normal and its not clever.
In short stick it up your arse(perhaps not the best phrase to use under the circumstances).

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