Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Drug Smuggler killed-who cares.

I would just like to add my thoughts on the Paki* who thought it was a good idea to smuggle several pounds of drugs into China.

One less drug smuggling scum bag and one less potential suicide bomber cant be bad and the best bit is it didnt cost us a penny.If you look at the comments on the MSMs websites you will see that most people share my view.

*before Ms Lesbo council worker tells me I am racist I should point out that referring to a paki is no worse than people referring to brits.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

In Dulci Jubilo

Merry Christmas.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow joke.

Crowborough had about 8 inches of snow Thurs night Friday morning.Nearly 48hrs later and some of the towns roads STILL havnt been gritted.
Why is it that East Sussex County Council have all these useless partnerships yet cant master the simple fact that Crowborough is prone to bad weather due to its elevation and if snow is to fall it will fall more here.The powers that be are too busy cosying up with all these "partners" that basic services like keeping the roads clear are just ignored.No one has been able to get up the hill outside my house now for 2 days and the whole Montargis estate is a disaster area with abandoned cars everywhere and a road surface like glass.What are these idiots in charge actually doing.East Sussex doesnt have any Motorways so resources should be concentrated on the areas where most snow fell, is that too complicated for these useful idiots.Every year we have this same farce where roads are left impassable for days due to snow.People cant get to work and earn the money to pay for the council services which are not being provided.Personally I dont care that ESCC is a LGB (lets get buggered) employer or they are pikey friendly all I want is for them to provide the services that I have already paid for.I have spent quite a lot of time in Canada and 8 inches would only be considered a light dusting.Why is it that other countries can keep the roads open in all weather but we cant.Its probably got something to do with the fact that ESCC employ people on the basis of their skin colour or sexual preferences but do not consider basic competence to be an essential part of the job.As a result we have a council that has a diverse workforce but is uniformly incompetent.
The cunts at the council are still going on about global warming shite even though everyone knows its all bollocks of the highest degree.Why dont they look out of their window and see the snow and ice.Global warming my arse.

Update-3 days and still no sign of gritters and all the paths are still lethal.
When are the council going to get off their collective fat arses and do something.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mind how you go !

From the Courier

"POLICE visibility is to increase in Wealden according to two new police chiefs who have just been appointed".

Inspectors Tony Wakefield and Damon Funnell say an extra four constables and one sergeant will be on the beat to give increased reassurance to residents."

Oh good more proper coppers to patrol the area which is an improvement over the useless PCSOs we have at the moment.The only problem is that those extra 4 PCs and 1 Sargeant are not going to make a huge amount of difference over the whole of the Wealden area.Still at least the 2 Inspectors can help out and get out on Patrol to "give increased reassurance to residents".Lets face it thats not very likely is it.The Inspectors like to have their face plastered over the press but dont seem to be quite as keen to get stuck in with the daily grind of policing in rural Sussex.
One states that nothing is going to change (what a surprise ) and the others experience of community Policing seems to be from the child protection team.
So we have 2 new inspectors which are collectively about as useful as 2 chocolate teapots and 4 extra PCs and a Sargeant for the whole of the Wealden area.I think its fair to say that nothing will change and if you expect there to be a changes in the number of visible Police then you will be disappointed.At least the Police will now have a couple of extra hands to make sure the Diversity and Equality shit is kept up to date and someone has to go and get the doughnuts and bacon sarnies.Mind how you go!.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I am a denialist climate scientist.

The Global warming bed wetters are out in force today proclaiming their idiotic new religion.The last 10 years have been the warmest ever proclaims the Gruniad.Now I dont normally read this shit rag but I looked on the online version to find out what new data has been discovered to lead them to this conclusion.
After reading this so called story I realised that the pro AGW camp are complete nucking futters.
On reading the article it appears that this dodgy data was produced as evidence at the Copenhagen wank fest to prove their theory.The only problem was the data only goes back 160 years and detailed temperature readings have only been taken over the last 10 years.So what we have is a group of non scientists(mostly economists strangely) providing dodgy data to support dodgy science.
The pro AGW camp are getting rather tetchy about the lack of evidence to support their theory and have resorted to name calling.Anyone who doesnt agree with them is called a denialist as if that makes any difference to anything.
Well I am proud to be a denialist and as my science qualifications seem to be more relevant than most I am now considering myself to be a fully fledged climate scientist.
Take a look at the above You Tube clip of Lord Christopher Monckton which is part 1 of 5 and watch him tear the whole global warming myth to pieces.
I should perhaps point out that Lord Monckton was a science adviser for Mrs Thatchers government and does know what he is talking about which is more than you can say about many on this subject.I have actually met Lord Monckton and he is a very open intelligent man with a detailed understanding of science.I am proud to be a denialist and stand 4 square behind Lord Monckton.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Crowboroughs latest Pcso.

I have found this video clip of Crowboroughs latest PcSO addressing a joint Wealden and East Sussex County Council meeting on the green last summer.The last frame shows a brief shot of the elusive Mr Martin Fitzgerald of ESCC.

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