Sunday, 29 April 2012

The unelected ones-reminder

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Shoot Down Wealdens Bin Tax.

Wealden are trying to implement a charge of £40 per household per year in order for those households to continue having their "green" bin emptied.

Like most councils Wealden seems to think that the general public are  a cash cow resource to fund their many communism inspired social engineering policies and their grotesque gold plated pensions.

Given that we already pay to have our bins collected from the council tax I think this idea is taking the piss unless those people that refuse to pay (which hopefully will be the majority) either revert back to weekly bin collections or get a reduction in their council tax .

One thing I want to know is how will the thicko binmen know who has paid and who hasnt especially if everyone removes their house number from their bins and replaces them with a code only known to them.Oh silly me its obvious isnt it- the council will just introduce a "chip n bin" system to enable them to identify our bins and spy on what we throw out just like they have wanted to do for years.

I hope the residents of Wealden will refuse to have anything to do with this money grabbing scheme but experience tells me that many will be queuing up to hand over their money especially after a couple of months of relentless brainwashing from Wealden . Sadly many people these days are so hard of thinking that they would volunteer to kill their first born if some faceless bureaucrat told them it was for the greater good of the community.

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