Saturday, 21 February 2009

Goodbye to Wales

Just arrived back after a few days in Welsh Wales.

The natural scenery was wonderful and suprisingly the weather was quite good.

The thing that struck me was how thick and rude the Welsh are.

The locals seem to have no sense of humour and are incapable of conversing with you at all.The shop staff have difficulty with basic maths and communicate by way of grunts.
Case in point -my wife went into a newsagent to buy a couple of papers.
The place was deserted apart from a woman behind the till communicating with someone on the phone in Welsh.My wife stood there with two papers in her hand and the woman just ignored her and carried on speaking gibberish.Not one to take such things lying down my good lady wife told her in no uncertain terms(in English) that if she wanted our business she had better get off the phone PDQ and do her job.
No one messes with my good lady wife and gets away with it.

So Wales is a lovely country spoilt by the miserable anti English inbred retarded fuckwits that live in houses like those above.Its no coincidence that welsh and wankers begin with the same letter.


hmph said...

What's anti- English about bad customer service?

Captain Swing said...

Oh I didnt understand.That is the level of service that you all get in Wales is it?
I thought the shit ignorant service was only for the English tourists benefit.
To make you feel better we did visit one tea shop and got excellent service.We were welcomed ,our order was taken politely and the food arrived with a smile.Perhaps I should point out the gentleman who served us was English.
If you have ever been to Pennygroes
you will know what my original comment was about.

Anonymous said...


Captain Swing said...

Anonymong 04.38 -Dos i chwarae efo dy nain .

Captain Swing said...

For some reason I seemed to have annoyed some Welsh twat about something or the other.
I dont mind people disagreeing with me or even insulting me but at least have the courtesy to do it in English.Trying to be insulting in a dead language that no one cares about other than a few retarded sheep farmers is pointless .
I am reliably informed that "Dos i chwarae efo dy nain" means something along the lines of go fuck your granny .

Anonymous said...


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