Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Downfall-second chance to enjoy.

My latest video is delayed due to that unfortunate thing called work taking up too much time.

So to keep you all going and the fact that it annoys the hell out of certain unelected members of the undemocratic republic of Crowborough Town Council I have reposted this.

Bad language and violence-not suitable for kids.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wanted- for contempt of the rule of law.

Wanted .

Have you seen this person?.He is wanted for crimes against democracy and crimes against the taxpayers of Crowborough with an attitude of contempt for the rule of law.

He has been a key player in a gang that has obtained a loan but lumbered the good people of Crowborough with the repayments using a very unlikely and slightly dodgy £3million business deal for a  very small  hall.When he was recently questioned about another dodgy deal of building a car park without planning permission his comment was "oh sod it" ive been caught out .It is believed that this person is suffering from inflated ego syndrome and likes to think of himself as a councillor despite there being no evidence that anyone has actually voted for him .

If you see him do not approach him because he is dangerous (to democracy and the finances of the town) and likely to react in an unpredictable manner at all times.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Apaches over Crowborough.

I have heard from a source that NATO is planning a no fly zone over Crowborough because those in charge of the town are an undemocratic rabble.
The Town Council leader Muammar Moss has been given an ultimatum that unless democracy is restored by open and free elections within 4 weeks ground troops will be deployed with Apache air support in order to liberate the people of the town.
In response the official spokesperson from the undemocratic republic of Crowborough said "we are working hard with our partners to facilitate change within our communities and celebrate diversity through our new dictatorship framework document which can be found online.Surveys have found that everyone in the town is happy being told what to do by the council and the fact that we are unelected and undemocratic doesnt change that fact.We will resist NATO agression by all means and as a precaution PCSO Smith is to patrol the town with a Hi Vis jacket and his hands in his pockets in order to reassure our communities that everything is fine within the town".

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Heres Wally.

Here is a picture of the latest unelected ones assimilated into the great leaders hive.

The one on the far right is Andrew(invisible man) Steen who seems as reluctant to have his picture on the councils website as he does to share his background and beliefs with us the residents of Crowborough East Ward who he thinks he represents .Our other East Ward non representative unelected representatives are Peter (£3million overdraft)Cowie,David(Lib Dum) Shaw and Sandra(twee)Timms none of which have been voted in just like 7/8ths of the council.

Where are the wallys?

East Ward- Andrew Steen
North Ward- Ronald Reed
West Ward- Quentin Burch Michael Cooke Wendy Scrace.

These are the new unelected members of the council that were so keen to represent the people of the town that they all waited until they could sneak in by the open back door called co option.I expected them to at least make a pretence over representing us by telling us who they are and what their political beliefs are but since being co opted we have silence.I presume they are not allowed to think for themselves or speak without our inglorious leaders say so and until they have completed their NLP brainwashing courtesy of Wealden.I mean how difficult can it be to actually find out what the residents concerns are and articulate those concerns in a democratic manner.Considering the fact that the Town Council is not democratic in any shape or form I suppose the "representing the residents" bit is also a bit beyond their remit these days.
We all need to keep our eyes open and see if we can spot the newly co opted wallys around the town asking the good people of the town what they think on issues before spouting out the inglorious leaders proclamations.
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