Thursday, 15 December 2011

Southern water are completely crap.

On behalf of a friend I would like you all to know that Southern Water are so crap that they had to redefine crapness to accomodate just how crap Southern Water are.

Said friend tried to resolve a dispute between his daughter and Southern Water.Given that Southern water were trying to extort £100 a quarter for water to a small flat it was assumed that they were taking the piss somewhat.

Southern Water being so shit they dont even make a pretence at providing any form of service least of all customer service and just ignore any attempt to resolve the issue.
So in summary my friend would like to point out that..

Southern Water is shit.
Its customer service is shit.
Its billing system is shit.
Its service guarantee is shit.
Its staff are shit.
Its management are shit.

Every part of Southern Water is shit.I hear they are in the middle of a rebranding exercise whereby their logo is going to be a giant turd to reflect what their organisation is all about.
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