Friday, 13 February 2009

Religious hatred of Christians.

A five-year-old who chatted about Jesus and Heaven was told off by a teacher for inciting religious hatred. The child's mother, a Christian and employee of the school, sent a private email - from her home computer - to her friends asking them to pray about this. Note that she did not insist the school join in, only that her friends should pray. This woman has now been censured by her headmaster for bringing the school into disrepute. Cranmer has more detail.Four things:1. A five-year-old chatting about their beliefs is not proselytising, it's kids sharing stories. A five-year-old chatting about Harry Potter would, by this same logic, be promoting witchcraft. A five-year-old chatting about Allah would be encouraged.2. As with the Carol Thatcher case, a private conversation (in this case Email, so not overheard) leads to a Righteous reprisal.3. Christianity is not (yet) an illegal religion in this country. Christians are permitted to discuss their faith with anyone who will listen (which means that those who don't want to listen shouldn't be pestered, but there's no evidence of that here).4. One or more of this woman's friends are members of the Righteous thought police. Emails cannot be overheard, they have to be printed or forwarded.It's not a good time to be Christian. Even bishops aren't safe from thought-police neighbours and brutal arrest, for the heinous crime of allowing his kids to have fun. None of this seems to ever happen to any other religion. Funny, that. Oddly enough, all the creationism/evolution fights centre on Christianity, and not on the creation stories of other religions. Atheist attacks focus on Christianity and although they will claim that, by extension, they apply to all faiths, you never hear them denounce Ganesh or Krishna or Allah or even Darvell Gadarn. Atheism, by the way, is now officially a religion with Dawkins as its prophet. Criticism of Prophet Dawkins is not permitted, and Atheism is the One Truth that all must see and embrace. So, since I have no religion, I can no longer be an atheist either. I'm going to have to be an apathist or something.The Righteous talk of tolerance and acceptance, but they practise neither. They talk of inclusivity and peace, but are uninterested in either concept.They talk of racism and bigotry. Now there, they have cornered the market.Better start rebuilding those priest holes, Christians. You'll soon need them again. As for the other religions, don't get too complacent. Once the Righteous get started they never know when to stop.


Earthlet Nigel said...

In my own case atheism didn't fit the bill as I hold with no religion so I elected for apostasy, which caused problems for the military admin as this catergory wasn't listed in AGAI's.

Watch and enjoy.

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Earthlet Nigel said...

And here's the version in Dutch

wv; salistam

Earthlet Nigel said...

Here's one they don't wish you to know about

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