Monday, 21 November 2011

Couldnt have put it better myself.

A quote from someone who knows how local government works.Although it relates to Dorset it applies equally to our own rotten corrupt unelected council.

"The deep seated nature of this problem in regard to building stock is due in large part to the government itself, or their agents the councillors. For decades there has been a false assumption that councils knew what they were doing, and that councillors were honest. A check with the land registry will show that a good percentage of councillors in any particular district own a disproportionate amount of property. This is even more striking when one looks at the background and qualifications of councillors. The fact is that the opportunity to build up a property portfolio has been seen as a perk of the job, and in West Dorset at least two thirds of councillors are in it to manipulate the system. Add to this the District Councils cosy relationship with big builders who can satisfy targets in one fell swoop, and the problem is clear. If the government were serious and decided to scrutinise their 'agents' they would find sufficient criminality to lock some of them up."

Read more here.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Mind how you go with that sausage roll or your nicked.

Pearls of wisdom from the local fuzz commander on twitter consists of
"turn your lights on in the fog" and the calorific value of alcohol compared to sausage rolls and cake.I kid you not.

"WealdenDistComm Dick Coates
@Wealdenpol: Fog ? Lights on and drive with extra care"

"WealdenDistComm Dick Coates
A glass of wine can contain as many calories as a slice of cake & a pint has the same as a small sausage roll"

There was me thinking that the Police were there to protect us and our property from crime and they seem more interested in competing with fat fighters and stating the bloody obvious.

Who cares how much alcohol you drink and how many sausage rolls you eat ?Its of no business to anyone other than yourself and certainly no business of Dick and his mates.He has clearly got too much time on his hands if these are the most important issues in Sussex.
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