Friday, 22 April 2011

Public service announcement.

The weather has been lovely in Crowborough over the last few days with temperatures up to 24C.
Been dusting off the barbecue and enjoying spending more time in the garden where everything has sprung into bloom over the last few days.Nights have been pretty warm also which has meant that the upstairs windows need to be left open to get the benefit of a cooling breeze.
Unfortunately the good weather has its downsides .

Whether its out in the garden during the day or trying to get some sleep during the night the peaceful atmosphere is interrupted every few minutes with some hound barking in the ,not to distant,distance.The fucking animal seems to be left outside all day and all night to bark constantly.Now dont get me wrong I like dogs but when some fucking anti social arse wipe thinks we all want to hear their hound barking day and night constantly then thats when my liking of dogs starts to wear a bit thin.

I dont expect the mentally challenged plankton owner to actually be able to read this but if by chance they can then fucking stop your hound from encroaching on peoples peace and quiet.
You know who you are and I am sure your immediate neighbours must know who you are but I havnt managed to track you down yet.When I do find out the mentally deficient arse wipe maggot faced oxygen thief responsible I think its fair to say that the word euthanasia will feature heavily in their future and their pain in the arse hound.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


The job description for a job with Wealden Council includes the following phrase.

"There is a dress code for this post comprising black trousers or skirt and white top. Optionally a jacket may be worn which must also be black. All items must be worn only for business use and labelled ''Property of Wealden District Council''. An agreed amount of expenditure will be reimbursed towards purchase of such items."

This is surely a piss take or are they expecting the applicants to buy their own clothes and then label them "property of Wealden Council" or perhaps its the people that are "property of Wealden Council".

Friday, 8 April 2011

Bye Bye Black Sheep.

I have decided to wind up this blog and concentrate my efforts on

The main reason for this decision is so that I can cover subjects that effect the whole country rather than just the small town of Crowborough.

The other reason seems to be that most people in the town are totally apathetic to what is going on around them.With the exception of a few most are quite happy to pay through the nose for a £3.5 million community centre dreamed up by the mostly unelected,unaccountable and undemocratic twats on the council .

People seem more interested in "The Wedding " and whats on telly rather than the more important matter of the constant erosions of our rights and freedoms fought for by generations of our forefathers.

In the first world war it was said by our enemies that our soldiers were lions led by donkeys .Nowadays I think a more apt description of the British people in general and the people in Crowborough in particular would be sheep led by wolves in sheeps clothing.

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