Friday, 27 March 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What are you doing this weekend?

Dont forget to light your house up like a christmas tree at 8.30pm.

Equality Britain Discussions

If you have got a few spare minutes and you have a facebook account then pop over here and post your opinions on diversity and equality.They value all opinions and they post all of them to prove how inclusive they are.
Get your opinions in quick though because they dont like comments from white heterosexual English people and delete them.See they are not that inclusive and dont really value diversity that much.

Avin a Tin Bath

I should point out that I have no control over the Google Ads on the side bar.

Someone at Google is "avin a laugh" advertising bollocky diversity training courses.

Monday, 23 March 2009

New Labour ,New Nazis

We are truly in the shit this time.

Our Grandfathers fought and died to defeat the Nazis.

The whole country was mobilised and every person (military or civillian) done "their bit" to stop the Nazis from destroying this country and all it stood for.

Fast forward 60 years and we are now staring at the same situation only from a different direction completely.Before we could see our enemy massing over the channel now the enemy
is most definitely closer to home.Unelected Cunt mc broon has grabbed control of this country and is busy destroying it from the inside.We now have the authorities encouraging children to spy on their parents , a 60,000( mc dooms own numbers) network of anti terrorist trained individuals , a nationwide system of CCTv ,and all private communications being monitored.Fuck me just like Nazi Germany.

I can hear the leftie fucktards saying that this is all paranoid crap and anyone who has these thoughts must be mentally ill (just like the Nazis).Well my lefty friends it is you who are misguided.The Nazis were a national socialist party and new labour is a "democratic socialist party ".Both the nazis and n.l have/had leaders that were fucking loonies with homosexual tendencies.
We are currently at the position where Germany was in 1933,adolf braun is just itching to pass his own enabling act (Civil Contingencies Act) which will effectively make the labour party
the only party allowed.Elections will be permanently postponed and the British people will be facing exactly what the Germans faced-repression,economic hardship,banning of political parties etc etc.I do have enough faith in the indigenous population to stand up and fight for what they believe in but it is almost getting to the point where it will be too late.If Brown invokes the CCA
with a view to labour ruling for a thousand years all hell will break out.Most people (apart from the 60000 chosen ones) will be at war with the state.The only problem I can foresee is that they have taken our weapons from us.The next few months will be very interesting.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Who will rid us of this turbulent Prime Mentalist

Unemployment over 2 million,IMF warning of ongoing stagnation of whats left of the economy.
Financial sector,manufacturing and most other sectors down the shitter.Debt at insane levels and rising.

Its just like the 1970s all over again.

The only difference is that we have got an unelected madman at the helm.Sunny Jim Callaghan was just incompetent but we are in a totally different situation now with that fucking lunatic Brown in charge. He has done more damage to this country than Germany did during the little 1939-1945 bit of bother.

Who is going to have the guts to stand up and rid us of this monocular Scottish wanker.

We all keep thinking that the end is near for Mc Broon and his Government of all the retards but they keep lingering on and bringing more shame and humiliation to the British people on a daily basis.His latest crock of shit idea is to let Iran have nuclear power plants and the ability to build nuclear weapons.Fucking ace idea Gordon -not content with being saviour of the world he wants to be destroyer of worlds as well.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Moderate or radical rag heads?

I am a bit behind on this for the simple reason that I cant find the words to describe my feelings towards the rag heads who protested that day .
Well done though the Great British public for making a stand.
I hope the protesters and the Police are hanging their heads in shame for their behaviour but I doubt it. I am a bit confused though are these moderate rag heads or radical rag heads because I am having problems telling the difference.Cunts the lot of them.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Its official -Sussex Police are crap

In a poll 55% of those asked believe Sussex Police are not doing their job properly.
Well fuck me theres news for you isnt it.
I really cant understand that only 55% think the local rossers are shite.
Ask them to investigate a crime or arrest a villain and its "sorry we are too busy with more important things right now".Thats code for we are all sitting around on our fat arses doing fuck all eating doughnuts and reading the Gay news.Ask them to parade through Brighton looking like the village people though and they will be there like a shot.
Quiz Time
Taking into account the above survey what actions do you think the local plod are going to take in order to win back the confidence of the Public.
1)Admit that they have spent too much time social engineering and promoting unworthy minority groups.From now on the Police are going to concentrate on catching real criminals and locking them up in order to protect and serve the Public.
2)Carry on the same as before doing fuck all to detect and solve real crime.Rely on the CPSOs to do the shit jobs like patrolling so that the real cops can be free to harrass innocent motorists and
march with their same gender special friends at the local Queer Pride march.Obviously lessons will be learned from this poll -the main thing will be dont ask the public what they think of us.Who do the public think they are anyway our paymasters err oops better not think about that."Sargeant Smith get your village people gear as we will be going in the rear entrance".
Just in case you think I am making this up..
"A new milestone will be reached in Brighton when a Chief Constable will lead his officers in a Pride parade for the first time.
Heterosexual Chief Constable Joe Edwards will head the front of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Sussex Police officers at Brighton Pride tomorrow."

"Sussex Police is committed to promoting equality, fairness and respect. Our focus is to provide a
service that recognises, understands and applies the experience and needs of all communities to our
decision making and service delivery.
We will:
 deliver a citizen-focused policing service: recognising the needs of different communities and
individuals, with Sussex Police actively engaged with the public and our partners;
 take care to assess the impact of our policies and their implementation on gender, disability,
race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and age equality;
 create a working environment where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated;
 ensure equality of opportunity in our recruitment, selection, appraisal, training and career
progression processes;
 employ a workforce that reflects, at all levels, the diversity of the communities of Sussex;
 develop all our staff to realise their full potential;
 treat all our staff and the people we serve with dignity and respect."
Where is the mention about protecting and serving the public or locking up villains.All they are interested in is blah blah blah diversity,blah blah blah gays and lessers ,blah blah blah pikeys,
blah blah blah disabled gay black etc etc etc.
And they wonder why we have no confidence in them.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dolly Draper and his friends.

Guess who?
Poor old Dolly seems a bit upset about it.
If you dont know who Dolly is then Google Derek Draper.If you cant be bothered I will give you a clue he is the "brains" behind the dire LabourLost website.Apparently he is also married to
some bird off the telly but I couldnt tell you who because I dont know and quite frankly dont care.
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