Thursday, 20 January 2011

Clued Up-Crowboroughs very own Hitler Jugend.

I see clued up have had their website revamped courtesy of the taxpayers of Crowborough.In case anyone is not aware Clued Up is an information shop in Crowborough High Street supposedly run by a charidee.In truth its actually run by East Sussex County Councils youth destruction service.Money is sucked in from Local Government including our own Town Council.Every year the town council gives this organisation thousands of pounds to indoctrinate the yoof of Crowborough so they will all grow up into good little socialists and do wonderful things in their life like errr ,hang on a minute,oh yes a lefty yoof worker so even more youngsters can be indocrinated in this wonderful magic roundabout.

Clued up happens to be the Chief Piggy Mayors favourite charidee which is not a surprise because Ms Piggy Moss is also a trustee of said charidee and an employee of East Sussex County Council kerching!!!!.One of the other trustees happens to be
Crowborough Jugend education establishment aka Beacon Community Colleges very own Gruppenf├╝hrer who is also paid by ESCC.

All in all its a discrace but what is even more of a disgrace is that we the taxpayers are footing the bill for screwing up the yoofs of Crowboroughs brains.
Most people wouldnt touch such a nasty nazi organisation such as Clued Up with a barge pole and certainly wouldnt consider giving them any money but that doesnt matter because the money is extracted from us through the non lawful council tax and then given to the retards of the yoof destruction service to spend/waste how they see fit.You dont have to be a genius to work out that the only advice the yoof of Crowborough ever gets is to do whatever they like (legal or not) and to hell with the consequences .Underage sex-thats fine,drug taking -thats fine,stealing-no problem
undermining the family and parents rights-no problem.
Like all good mind bending social engineering organisations Clued Up gets the impressionable/slightly thick yoof to come in to access the internet without all the "unfair" restrictions that parents insist on.Before you know it said slightly thick yoof has been re educated into a brain washed slightly thick yoof who thinks that global warming/climate change is actually happening and that the marxist/fabian ideology of destroying everything worthwhile in the country is a fabulous idea.
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