Thursday, 30 December 2010

Farmer pickles goes bunny hunting.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I have been reviewing the traffic for the last year and have noticed how the visits from Wealden and East Sussex County Council have reduced to a trickle since July.

I have it on good authority that all the useless twats (thats about 95%) in local government are shitting themselves that they will be culled in the next round of so called cuts in public spending.

Like little bunnies hiding underground they like to keep a low profile in the vain hope that if they keep quiet they will not attract any attention of the unpleasant kind.The only problem is that they have to come to the surface at some time and when they do BLAAM!!! farmer pickles and his cuts compensated shotgun will speak.

The alternative is to stay out of sight and starve to death ,either way its a result for the taxpayers.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Public service or Public disservice.

Seen the Wealden binmen today struggling around putting more effort to collect their Christmas tips than they ever do collecting the rubbish.Why do people feel the need to tip people who they already pay to do a job .Its not as if they are happy to take anything you want to get rid of is it.Put plastic in the recycling or heaven forbid a brown enevelope and they wont take it.Put too much in a bin and they wont take it.Live in an area that Wealden cant be bothered to grit and they dont turn up (unless its just before Christmas of course).So my tip for the binmen is just get on with the job we pay you to do and if for any reason you cant get round because of the snow then get off your backsides and clear the roads and paths.
Same with the Post.Why is it that the local scouts can deliver Christmas cards in the bad weather but Postmen are as rare as hens teeth when there is a bit of the white stuff on the ground.No postal deliveries round here for days.

Still some good news for once.I am reliably informed that the salt bins have been reinstated in Bridger Way and Montargis as a result of representations made to our non elected elected representatives on the Town Council. So a gold star to the Town Council for once-well actually a gold star to the lady that works in the office at the Town Hall because it would appear that she does more to help the residents than all the self serving piggy councillors put together.

Also good news that the council employees have been clearing the pavements but in reality its only around the town hall so the poor little piggies dont slip over when they have to attend the town hall to fill in their expenses claim form before approving a £3million pound debt for the town in order to build the white elephant community facility.Only 2 councillors voted against the proposal to stick an extra £84 onto our council tax to pay for their pet project.I dont know who the "no" councillors were but I can be sure it will not be poor old Chief Piggy Clive Wilson who is surely Crowboroughs very own version of Bernard Madoff .

On the subject of Councillors I am sure I saw the hypocrite tree hugger George Moss driving around in a Porsche the other week.Surely a mistake as I cant believe that anyone that thinks that cars are somehow going to cause us all to fry and all the poor ickle Polar bears to die would drive a Porsche rather than a G Wizz.So it would appear that old Georgy Porky is not that green after all but it would appear that he has the perfect qualifications to perpetrate the global warming scam in that he is stupid and a hypocrite.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Driving tips in the snow.

Bad weather =bad driving conditions.

Can I just ask the drivers of Crowborough who clearly cannot cope with a bit of snow and ice to stay off the road and do the rest of us a favour.The worst ones are the knobs who have bought a rear wheel drive car because "its a better driving experience" and havnt realised just how shit a rear wheel drive car with performance tyres are are on the snow and ice.Next worst are the uber knobs who decided to buy a flash BMW or Mercedes 4 wheel drive not realising that they are not built for actually going off road or driving in snow.
These soft roaders are worse than a front wheel drive hatch when the snow and ice is on the road.

So my advice to the "down from London" types with their crappy cars is to leave them in the garage until summer and walk.If you live in area prone to snow and ice as Crowborough is then trade your X3, X5 or X6 (sicks) in for a vehicles that will actually do what it says on the tin.Poncing around telling everyone that you drive a BMW isnt going to wash if the first time you drive on snow you end up upside down in a ditch although that will prove that your judgement in cars is poor and your driving skills even poorer.
The Defender is an excellent vehicle for such conditions but if you want an good 4 wheel drive that also makes a good all year round car go for the Freelander.If you opt for a fairly basic diesel model without any fancy tyres it will tackle anything you are likely to throw at it.For the down from London ponces Landrover may be a bit down market but people in the know realise that a car is a tool and if its no good at doing the tasks required its not good for anything.
I can hear the badge snobs saying that Landrovers are good cars but are unreliable-well that may be true of some older models (Discovery)but Defenders are renown for
reliability and Freelanders are actually built by Jaguar .
If you dont want a Landrover then get a Toyota Hi Lux (3 litre diesel)but for gods sake dont buy a crappy German softroader because those people pointing at you are not admiring your choice of vehicle they are pointing out what a retard you look driving a car that handles as well as a supermarket trolley with a dodgy wheel as soon as the temperature drops below freezing.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow update

6 Inches of lying snow with about 2 inches falling in the last hour!! (blizzard white out conditions).

12.15 Saturday

Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Update Crowborough 17/12

Has snowed today (about half an inch) but due to the lack of gritting (surprise surprise) the roads are very icy.Tunbridge Wells is gridlocked taking about 2 hours to get to Tunbridge Wells from Crowborough and 2 and a half hours back.
Unless you have to dont bother.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Matthew Street-Oh dear

Remember this post about our new co opted town councillor Matthew Street.

I posted his contact details so that residents could raise concerns with him.

I thought I would cut him a bit of slack until he had proved that he was more interested in representing residents than the other no hopers on the council.New blood and all that.

Today I spoke to an ex neighbour who now lives in the Montargis area of Crowborough which has been virtually cut off for the last 3 days due to the snow.Pretty fed up with inaction from the town council and after spending 3 hours clearing snow from his road an e mail was despatched yesterday to our new representative,Matthew Street, who just so happens to live off the same road as my friend.
To date no reply or acknowledgment has been received.I will keep you all posted but its not looking good is it.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Weather Thursday and storm clouds gathering.

More snow overnight making a total of 12 inches on the ground.

Still snowing.Public transport not running.

No gritters seen.

Despite the assurances from local government that lessons were learned last year its still just the same old same old.

No doubt the local authority numpties are preparing their excuses as we speak.Let me guess wrong type of snow blah blah,too much snow blah blah,climate change blah blah,give us more of your money or else blah blah,we havnt got enough money blah blah -well you get the idea.

It wouldnt hurt some of the Town Councillors to get off their fat arses and clear some snow but as they consider themselves too important to do menial stuff like serve the public I cant see it happening any time soon.

Just remember folks its local elections next year so the incumbent incompetents in charge are going to want your votes .My advice would be to tell them to go to hell and vote for anyone other than the sitting councillor.

The councillors should perhaps take heed of the words of Kennedy (changed slightly)-ask not what your town can do for you but ask what you can do for your town.Our councillors at all levels of local government are so corrupted by Common Purpose and frankfurt school political correctness that nothing gets done other than lining their own pockets and lining us up for a takeover by the EU.Think I am being paranoid-look what happened in Ireland.Kick em all out next May and lets start afresh.
Remember the EU is a Nazi inspired organisation and therefore anyone following the doctrines of the EU is a Nazi in the same way that collaborators in France were Nazis .Are we all going to just roll over and let the Nazis do now what our grandfathers fought to prevent 70 years ago or are we going to stand up and fight for our country,our culture and our childrens future.
Come on everyone wake up and smell the coffee public services are crap for a reason and that reason is that its part of a plan .Democracy isnt something that can be taken away,deconstructed and given back as something different.Democracy and freedom are rights enshrined in our written constitution (Bill Of Rights/Magna Carta) and no bastard is going to take them from us without a fight(to the death if need be).

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More weather Wednesday.

5 inches of standing snow,snowing and wind blowing.

Crowborough Hill impassable,A26 between Uckfield and Crowborough closed.

No snow clearance that I can see.

Wealden and ESCC done their normal sitting on their lazy arses doing nothing (nothing changes does it).

Stay at home unless you really have to.

Crowborough is FUBAR.
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