Friday, 17 September 2010

The truth is out there still.

UFO sighting over Crowborough-anyone else see anything?

Location of Sighting: Crowborough East Sussex

Date of Sighting: 15 july 2010

Time: 10:28 pm

Witness Name: jane

Witness Statement: It was approximately 10.30 pm on the 15th of July, I stepped outside in my garden to make my way over to my garage to retrieve some washing from our tumble dryer when I noticed up in the sky and to the west was a very bright orangey red light moving across the sky. It was NOT an aircraft as my boyfriend is a pilot and has taught me a great deal about aviation, It was completely silent and emitted and intense light. The sky was completely covered in cloud and we had some light showers at the time and there was a strong wind blowing. On first sighting the light, it was like an orb but as it passed, the object, whatever it was, appeared to have some shape to it almost like a long cigar shape within the light. The object did not move up or down and appeared to be unaffected by the wind, but moved in an arch to the north. There were no strobe lights on the object or the usual nav and landing lights that you would associate with an airliner. For any one to suggest it was a Chinese lantern is ridiculous.

This could not have been a satellite as it was below the cloud cover and it was one of the most weirdest things I have ever seen, it really quite frightened me especially as my neighbour saw the same thing a few weeks ago. My boy friend also saw 5 of these objects on the 26 June and is actively trying to investigate this phenomena.


Sunday, 12 September 2010



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