Monday, 22 September 2008

cctv is Bollocks

Even though crime is low in Crowborough there is still a network of CCTV cameras monitoring certain areas.What are they monitoring? . The camera at the top of the high street monitors the empty shops I presume.Lower down they seem to be monitoring people going about their normal daily business.The third one of the cluster seems to be set up to monitor a pub off the green(wont mention the name).Apparently that one is sited there because someone once sold a shandy to an underage person and it needs to be monitored.

Everything needs monitoring ,everyone needs monitoring in case they break the law and "if you have got nothing to hide" etc .

Its all bollocks of course the CCTV system is there to ensure the public knows where it stands.

The councils are just new age nazis that want everyone to cower under the torrent of regulations imposed by the central government new labour nazis and the bastards of the EU. A small consolation is that they must be piss scared of us ,the Great British Public and so they should.

Rotherfield and Crowborough were the centre of riots in the 19th century which were put down by the Army.When this happens again I cant see the Army being interested .Perhaps the council will send in PcSOs to quell any uprising or a group of lesbian outreach workers to offer counselling . If it all kicks off bigtime the bastards in charge(locally and nationally) had better have a good escape plan because we are all fed up with living under this repressive orwellian state.

Dont believe me- then try standing on chapel green advocating a sensible immigration policy or put recyclables (is that a real word) in the wrong bin and see how long before the gestapo arrive at your door.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Crowborough- nice place to live.

Crowborough is small town on the edge of the Ashdown forest in East Sussex.

If you live in Crowborough you are lucky to live in a small rural town that has good healthcare and a very low crime rate.

Although there are some scummy areas most of the town is well tended and the town council does a good job in keeping everything clean and tidy.

Overall a nice place to live but it doesn't stop the PC brigade from interfering in peoples lives and busily imposing the socialist state that Gordon Brown and his band of no hopers want.
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