Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Shirtlifters and Shoplifters.

I thought that Sussex Police were bad enough but Kent Police have taken the biscuit.
They have been included in the top 100 lgb(lets get buggered) employers in the country and are actively supporting gay sex month.Their web site states how proud they are to be given this award above Brighton and Hove Council for fucks sake.
Not only that they are encouraging kids to write poems about how good it is that the Police are more interested in being shirtlifters than apprehending shoplifters.
Mind you there is an over 18 section so I might enter myself....
Kent Police we are gay and proud
We like to shout it out loud.
When you need us we are never here.
Thats because you are not a queer.
Kent Police never acts in haste
Because we dont realise that money spent on this is just a waste.
Promoting gay sex is such a farce.
Kent Police we like it up the arse.
Dont expect us to protect and serve.
We much prefer to act a perv.
Policemen used to like sports like rugger.
Now they prefer a quick bugger.
That should do it.£25 in my pocket no problem.
I cant take it anymore I think my head is just about to explode.


Clunking Fist said...

I note you have some hattips to tractorstats blog. His blog seems to have been removed. It made me back-up my blog. The censoring of the interweb may have begun...

Earthlet Nigel said...

It is a worrying sign that censorship should be applied to dissent. Shades of the Gulag Archipelago spring to mind. Can we get Russia to host our blogs.


The Russian version is here.

Help can be provided to create an account

Earthlet Nigel said...


Speaks for itself.

Again help can be provided to create an account

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