Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sussex Police- drugged up and useless.

Sussex Police have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently but these articles do demonstrate just how crap they are at actually doing what they are supposed do be doing.Protecting people from offences against the person and protecting peoples property from theft is what the Police forces were set up to do.
If they cant get these basics right by arresting crims then what exactly is the purpose of Sussex Police.
We have learned that despite most Police forces reigning back the war on motorists Sussex Police Farce are still persecuting drivers purely for financial gain.
Sussex safety camera partnershit which is just a department of the Police that buys off the judiciary to ensure all motorists end up with points and a fine maintain that 100% of their scameras are in operation at any one time.Most other farces only maintain about 10% live cameras which are rotated around the area.Sussex Police farce however cant resist the opportunity to fleece the drivers of the county for their own benefit.More money allows the farce to buy new BMW cars every year and a nice little bonus for the non jobber ACPO (private company) grades that pollute the upper echelons of the Police.
Sussex Police over Christmas ,despite the bad weather stopped thousands of innocent motorists which resulted in just 3% of those being stopped being arrested and charged for an offence.

Unfortunately the enthusiasm that the Police farce pursue motorists is not translated into the same enthusiasm when it comes to drugs offences in its own ranks.
Most Police forces up and down the country check their employees for drug use on a random basis.Sussex for some reason has not undertaken any drugs tests at all on any of its staff over the last 12 months.So the next time you see a Sussex Police car driving at speed or see Sussex robocops with guns it may disturb you just a little bit to suspect that those Cops could be as high as a kite on illegal narcotics.Not exactly a thought to make you sleep sound at night is it?
It may however explain the appalling driving standards of the Police drivers in Sussex and the equally appalling weapons handling skills of the armed response teams.
So in summary we have a Police force in this county that has lost the confidence of the public and seems to think that its employees are somehow above the laws that are piled upon the little people of the county in bucketfuls.

Speeding-OK for them but a crime for the public.
Using mobile whilst driving-OK for them but a crime for the public.
Using illegal narcotics-OK for them but a crime for the rest of us.
Driving whilst under the influence of narcotics-OK for them but illegal for everyone else.
Shooting people-OK for them but illegal for the rest of us.
Waving around loaded firearms in public places -OK for them but illegal for us.
Lying in court-OK for them illegal for the rest of us.
Running a helicopter-OK for them but an eco crime for the rest of us.

Being useless hypocrites-Sussex Police.
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