Friday, 29 May 2009

Where's Wally!

Where's Wally Brown hiding?

Anyone seen him recently ?

Crapping himself over the 4th June Elections no doubt.Wouldnt it be funny if Mc Dooms party was beaten by UKIP or even the BNP.People are bloody angry and I think they are going to give the established partys a good kicking because lets face it,its only the European election.

It could signal the end of gordon mc doom and zanu labour.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Free Speech but not as we know it.

Someone who I allow to post on this blog also likes to comment on some of the Crowborough stories posted on the Couriers web site under the tag dmh.
Credit where credits due the Courier posts most of his comments although I am aware that they did remove a couple of comments when he referred to a disgusting act used by some men of the Muslim faith for sexual gratification.

Dmh likes to post his opinion on a number of local issues and I applaud him for that.The local councils like to treat the paper as their own and get them to publish rubbish articles that show them in what they perceive as a good light.Most of what is printed is of course a load of bollocks.
Take for example the story about local primary school children who started a campaign against parents taking their children(them) to school by car and having the bare faced cheek to park outside the school for 10 seconds while their child exits the car and goes into school.I share dmh opinion that it is an insult to the readers to even suggest that 5 year olds would come up with a campaign that results in them walking to school rather than being transported in a nice safe and warm car.Surely its no coincidence that the local noddy Copper just so happened to have a big poster that could be put outside the school at a moments notice to basically say dont park here because the lazy fat arsed teaching staff want to.Another bollocks story about the same school stated how good it was that the kids were force fed healthy vegetarian crap before their sats and how it helped their brain power.Again a total total bollock story that is only published because the local health gestapo head went on the same Common Purpose training event as the twat that wrote the story.
Dmh quite rightly pointed out that this was all rubbish(politely) because you dont know how they were going to perform in their sats if they ate bacon and eggs.They also dont know what proper food the kids had before going to school making the supposition that tasteless food somehow equals greater brainpower meaningless.
I should point out that I agree that a good breakfast is important but I am with dmh because I classify a good breakfast as involving bacon and eggs.Muesli or Crappy french breakfasts are more likely to cause kids to vomit the contents of their guts all over the exam paper rather than helping them do well in your SATs(which lets be honest are crap in themselves).
What I have noticed is that there seems to be certain people who post replies to dmh posts that seem to indicate that local authority employees are professionally rebutting dmhs posts.
Repeated claims about dmh having negative views(all he originally stated was the healthy food sounded disgusting) and similar derogatory comments about him.All the rebut posts are very similarly written but the give away was several weeks ago when there was a lively discussion on the the value of youth workers.Several rebuttal comments were made saying what brilliant people youth workers were and how qualified they had to be( I believe up to NVQ level ! bullshitting sometimes).Anyonee singing the praise of youth workers must be a local authority numpty or clinically insane (or both).My point is that it would appear that somewhere within the murky depths of the council/police/fake charity sector alliance it is being encouraged to stifle any non "on message" debate by labelling people negative and a victor medrew.
I happen to know that this doesnt bother dmh one bit and he sees it as his duty to exercise free speech and speak up for himself how he sees fit(some of his put downs are brilliant).
What I find disturbing is that the state in the guise of local citizens sees its job to rebut any comments that do not match its own lunatic PC thinking.

I am posting an excerpt below on what I mean -its from some marxist lesbian thinking shit with the tag AA (no offence love).
dmh seems to have nothing but negative comments to make about anything remotely positive that is happening in Crowborough schools. WELL DONE HERNE, with the fantastic help again of Waitrose, for yet another brilliant SATS week Breakfast Club which encourages healthy eating for active brains; well done also to Whitehill Infants for tackling the parking issues which do not only dominate the areas outside schools, but throughout the town.
AA, Crowborough
Original post.

It sounds disgusting.What about a good old "fry up".Give em something to keep them going all morning not poncey bagels and croissants that taste like cardboard.
dmh, Crowborough

Friday, 22 May 2009

Ve have veys of making you obey.

Everywhere you go these days we have power crazed minions in the pay of local and national government telling us what we can and cant do.Dont eat this ,dont drink that,dont play with
napalm etc etc. Things get 10 times worse when you have kids -there is a never ending stream of lesbian busybodies telling you how you should bring up your own offspring.
Kids come home from school with letters telling us what we should eat,what we should think and more than often how we can help Al Gore with his aim of making a mint from an inert gas.

Today there was a note offering "a short course packed with common -sense help on enjoying and raising your children".For generations children have been brought up perfectly well without the intervention of some ugly old lesser telling their parents that they should all value diversity and not have any thoughts that are not approved by the local thought police.

Needless to say all this shite goes in the landfill waste bin (stick that up your arse Al) where it belongs.

One school locally has started a breakfast club so that the lucky children can get a healthy breakfast every morning.Well excuse me but what fucking business is it of the local gestapo education branch of what your child decides to have for breakfast. Their idea of a breakfast is muesli -i can see that going down well with most kids.What would you like for breakfast today -would you like a lovely bacon sarnie made from locally produced bacon and locally produced bread or would you like the sweeping from the local joiners workshop floor.The cunts that come up with these ideas are trying to turn all our kids into vegetarian wimps.Just because they like to look like death warmed up and "survive " on lentils doesnt mean that its right for my kids.They like meat ,I like meat so whats wrong with that.

All children spend more time at home than at school and its the schools only job to educate them.
It isnt to tell them about so called global climate change bollocks,it isnt to turn them into little
hitlers(getting your kids to tell the school if you speed whilst driving),it isnt even to teach them about other cultures or lifestyles.

The sooner they just concentrate on teaching the kids the basics and let the parents decide on the best way to teach them about the world in general the better we will all be.
Of course all the time we have teachers with marxist mindsets and values that change will never happen.
Make no mistake the parents position is constantly undermined by fucking useless left wing fuckwits who think they know better even though they havnt got kids of their own.Sadly that definition also includes many teachers who dont have the guts to stand up against the political correct indoctrination of our young people.They can all just fuck off as far as I am concerned.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Police farce.

Not content with killing members of the public at demonstrations the Police have taken to eliminating innocent people at random now.An unmarked Met Police car collided and killed a young mother near Tunbridge Wells.No doubt the Police driver was driving like a cunt and this poor woman has lost her life.The laws of the road dont seem to apply to the rossers-they can drive like idiots whilst talking on their mobile phones with inpunity.Its because they are specially trained we are told.
Last week a Police officer was jailed for killing someone whilst driving at over 90 in a 30 mph limit.So much for training.Any half wit would know that driving at those speeds in a built up area is insane.

The Sussex Police have an equally appalling record regarding firearms.Their firearms training seems to consist of a couple of hours of GTA on the playstation.They havnt quite grasped the bit about only firing as a last resort.

The Sussex keystone cops firearms team shot dead a pensioner after an altercation with a social worker. Perhaps they should have just shot the Social Worker and done us all a favour.

People who are mentally unstable are unable to get a firearms licence but the Sussex Police allow any PC twat to carry a gun within their own ranks.The Police offer advice to firearms owners about gun safety which is a bit of a laugh to say the least.


Tues 12/5/2009 news.

A man died on Tuesday after being shot by armed police during a siege at a house in County Durham.

The IPCC are investigating .Dont get the impression that the ipcc is independent .The head is a new liebore placeman appointed by fat Jackboot Smiff with a background in PC issues(politically correct not police constable). Their job is to apply whitewash not to investigate these deaths in a fair and independent manner.

Taking the piss!

The troughing pigs are squealing today.

They all think they are being hard done by and the expenses claimed are quite reasonable.Most people dont claim for 42 inch TVs,toilet seats ,tampons,barbeques etc etc as expenses because they are essential tools for their job.

To people struggling to make ends meet and still having their income stolen by the taxman it is really taking the piss big time.

Bacon sarnie anyone.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Its the way I tell em

Gordon Brown goes to the doctors and says, "Doctor doctor, every time I look in the mirror I get aroused."

The doctor replies, "I'm not're a cunt."


Tom Riall, a chief executive of Serco, was caught by a police patrol car in Newmarket, Suffolk.
He was clocked at 102.92mph in a blue Volvo on the eastbound section of the A14 just before 1pm on January 4.
Magistrates in Sudbury have banned the 49-year-old of Ufton Nervet, near Reading, from driving for six months.
He has also had six points added to his licence.
Outside court, Riall said: "I accept the decision of the court. I recognise that speeding is not acceptable.
"I very much regret what happened and I have made a full apology to the court."
A spokesman for Serco Civil Government division said he did not wish to add to Riall's

Fucking bastard-it serves him right.Live by the sword-die by the sword.

Jackboots Spliff- waste of space and waste of DNA.

A US radio presenter barred from Britain has threatened legal action against Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.
Shock jock Michael Savage said he will sue for defamation after his name appeared on the home office's list of 16 "least wanted".
Savage, who hosts far-right talk show The Savage Nation, called Ms Smith a "lunatic" and said he was outraged that he had been named alongside hate preachers and a member of hamas
Ms Smith said she decided to make public the names of 16 people banned since October so others could better understand what sort of behaviour Britain was not prepared to tolerate.

Fucking old hatchet face Jackboots Spliff is at it again.She bans someone because he states that most autistic kids are faking it and the Koran is a hate filled book.

Well I want to put it on record that I share the same views as Michael Savage.So the next timeI travel to Canada perhaps old Spliff could see her way to banning me from re entering the country and sending me back.

Jackboots Spliff is a fucking waste of oxygen and about as effective as a chocolate teapot so why doesnt she just fuck off back to her wanker of an old man and stop trying to convince us that she is somehow protecting us.This on the same day as she announced that Manchester is going to be the first city to enable its citizens to voluntarily sign up for the £60 piece of shit that is known as the UK identity card.Can anyone else see the problem here.The words ID card,voluntary and £60 quid is a clue.Who in their fucking right mind would volunteer to be tagged like cattle and have to pay for the privilege?.I know its Manchester where the Police operate on the same basis as the gestapo but fuck me I am sure the general public are not that stupid.

I would urge all Manchester citizens to boycott any business that is a "partner" is this 1984 esque scheme.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The sun is shining in the sky......

We have a one eyed Scottish cunt as PM with his cabinet of no talent.

Our economy has been raped to the point of no return.

Our freedoms are being eliminated one by one to the point that it gets more like cold war East Germany day by day.

Our emails/internet use/telephone calls are monitored.

All our road movements are monitored.

The mussies want to turn us into a sharia dominated country.

We are in debt for generations because Gordon the cunt has pissed it all up the wall and is still spending.

We have pig flu,bird flu,mexican flu etc etc.

The Police are more interested in killing innocent people than doing their job.

Teachers are shit and intent on turning our children into Labour drones.

But remember the sun is shining today and this time next year we will be rid of this accursed Government for good(if they last that long).

In years to come this period will be remembered as this countries darkest hour(sorry Winston).Looking on the bright side most people in this country now know what some people have said for years-socialists are cunts and Gordon Brown is the biggest cunt of the lot.

So enjoy the tax free spring sunshine over the Bank Holiday and remember what socialism has done for /to you and your family.When it comes time to vote,do it with pride and then you can say to your children that you kicked the Socialist Labour party and especially Gordon Mc Doom in the nuts when they were down and begging for mercy.Show them NO mercy just vote for anyone other than Liebore.Fuck em all .
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