Friday, 21 September 2012

Local paper shows partisan support for undemocratic organisations.

Martin Ellis spokesperson of the undemocratic shadowy self interest group crowborough partnership is looking a bit down in the mouth on the local papers website today.Looking like he found a penny but lost a pound the article tells how Ellis was tasked to get the local businesses to agree that pedestrianisation (actually closing the High Street off completely) was the best thing since sliced bread.The plan was clearly put forward to counter the result from the residents who when asked the same question came up with a resounding NO to the plan.
Since the public NO cp and its associate organisation the chamber of commerce (which Ellis is also a "leader") thought they had enough support from businesses to get a yes from them so they could go ahead regardless of the residents  and their wishes.Unfortunately for Ellis even businesses said no to the scheme so it is well and truly sunk.
So despite the best efforts of the not so great and not so good of the town the residents and businesses of Crowborough have delivered their verdict and its a big fat NO.
Although we can all congratulate ourselves in seeing off this utterly stupid scheme we must be vigilant because I am sure this is not the end to it.In the meantime though well done to everyone who had their say-one up for local democracy and one in the eye of those that seek to subvert it.


Read the comments and it becomes clear why the local paper is not interesting in doing an expose of the undemocratic Crowborough Partnership-they seem to have taken the role of PR for them.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Captains Swing Time.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Strange people hanging around schools in Sussex today.

Paedo Police.
More proof if ever it were needed that we are sliding into a Police state.
First day back at school for a lot of kids and the Police feel the need to monitor parents and children
at every school in Sussex.
See twitter feed below.
Wealden Police@WealdenPolice
Officers out and about again this morning, across all of the primary and secondary schools patrolling to keep you safe.
Anyone else hanging around schools would be labelled kiddy fiddlers.
Sussex Police-Filming your kids for their safety in a "sweaty want a sweety" type of manner.
Picture above-A PCSO who helped organise 'stranger danger' days for school children has been jailed for abusing them.
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