Thursday, 26 February 2009

Army or Police which would you trust?

Two pictures.
One is a highly trained disciplined individual that is proud to serve Queen and Country.They would lay down their life in order to protect others without hesitation.Despite the odds they will fight in the knowledge that what they are doing is right.Patriotism personified.
One is an individual highly trained in diversity issues but lacking in moral fibre.They would be proud to be on a gay pride march but runs away from groups of people who would seek to do them harm.They wouldnt hesitate to follow any orders from their Labour masters and see the public as the enemy rather than the people they should be protecting and serving.They have no loyalty to the Crown or anything that this country stands for.
Which way round you decide.
I know which one I would want on my side and it wouldnt be the social worker in the top picture.

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