Monday, 29 June 2009

More PC madness in Kent.

Read the below story and tell me its not true.
Traditional Morris dancers cant perform in front of school children because they black their face.
Apparently Ms King (above) is offended on behalf of all children and therefore its just not allowed.These are the sort of people in charge of teaching our children for christs sake.They can make the rules up as they go along and believe that they are on a crusade to turn all children into good little socialists.
On visiting the schools website a crappy little message at the bottom of the page stated that my IP address had been logged for "security".What the fuck does this school do that requires it to log all IP addresses.They probably dont want us to find out what shit they are teaching the kids these days and what a sanctimonious old trout they have as headteacher.
A troupe of morris dancers who blacken their faces were barred from performing at a school
Members of Motley Morris group, who are based in Dartford, Kent, smear black make-up across their faces as part of their traditional costume.
They were meant to perform their routine at Chantry Primary School in Gravesend on Friday but were asked not to attend due to fears they could cause offence.
Spokesman Simon Ford said: "Our style of morris dancing originates from the Welsh/Shropshire borders. Our blackened faces are a form of disguise. Traditionally they used burnt cork, which came out black, but if it had come out red then we would have had red faces, that's all it is. It's part of our English culture which goes back hundreds of years, it's an age-old tradition."
Speaking of the cancelled booking at the school, he said: "We weren't too impressed by it. They said it was supposed to be a cultural evening but they hadn't even bothered to find out why it is we have blackened faces. They're obviously afraid of upsetting someone."
Motley Morris squire Peter Hargreaves said the school asked the men if they would perform without blackened faces but they refused.
Chantry Primary School headteacher Hazel King said: "We organised the event to bring a diverse and fragile community together. To celebrate all cultures we booked a morris troupe having failed to recognise the possible significance for our community of their tradition to perform with blackened faces and for this we sincerely apologise.
"We found ourselves in a difficult position of weighing up any potential offence versus not wishing to compromise the morris dancers' tradition.
"It's a 'damned if we do, damned if we don't' scenario and quite understandably it will be a talking point as to the rights and wrongs of our decision.
"I apologise to the morris troupe for any inconvenience caused and ask for people's understanding at what was a difficult but well intended decision."

Friday, 26 June 2009

Global warming is bollocks

CO2 levels are not at unprecedented highs.Today, about 0.038 per cent of the atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide, the main man-made climate change gas. This figure has certainly risen over the past 200 years or so - the 'pre-industrial' level of CO2 was closer to 0.02 per cent. But what is often ignored is that in the Earth's past, carbon dioxide levels have often been as much as ten times higher than they are today. For example, during the Cretaceous era, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, CO2 levels were five to ten times what they are today. The planet was certainly warmer then, but life thrived and there was no runaway greenhouse catastrophe of the sort that the doom-mongers insist we face if we let levels rise further. They also, it should be noted, came down again naturally.
Perhaps now we can sack all the busybodies in national and local government that want us(not them) to live in the stone age.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Im not racist I hate everyone.

A couple of retards have been kind enough to e mail me and tell me that I am a racist and a Nazi.

To put the record straight I am a racist in as far as I want people who have lived in this country all their lives to have preferential treatment in all services over people who have just arrived .I dont give a fuck if they faced oppression in their own country nor do I care if they are black ,yellow or any other colour.They can all fuck off somewhere else as this country has its full compliment of nutters and scroungers already.

As for being a nazi-I can confirm that I have never been a member of the modern day nazi party aka Nu Labour.
Any other fuckwits with opinions should post them as comments so we can all have a laugh.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ulster 100 Romania 0

More than 100 Romanians have been forced out of their homes in Belfast .
Around 20 families were helped by police in the Lisburn Road area of the city and taken to a nearby church hall. They have since moved to a leisure centre that has been set up as a temporary shelter.

Now who in their right mind decided that 100 Romanian pikeys should be dumped on the poor people of Ulster.I have a lot of sympathy for the people of Ulster who have cunts like Gerry Adams representing them and an unsympathetic Darien Government in Westminster shafting them at every opportunity.
With the "troubles" Ulster has managed to avoid the multicultural hell hole syndrome that has infested many mainland cities.The area is still a powderkeg waiting to go off at any time.
Some twat somewhere thought it a good idea to add a 100 pikeys into the mix.Like using napalm to light a barbecue it was always going to end in tears and so it has.I note the BBC is wetting itself over this story without any background info.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Know your enemy

Study this picture-look at this man for he is now an enemy of bloggers worldwide.

This is the man that ruled in favour of motorsport boss Max Mosley in his legal action against the News of the World. He has been accused of bringing in a privacy law by the back door.

Although keen to defend the privacy of a perverted old nazi this enthusiasm doesnt extend to the Police blogger called nightjack.For reasons best known to themselves the Times decided to out this particular blogger by publishing his name and private details like his address and telephone number.Nightjack went to court to prevent his personal details being published which was heard by the self same person Mr No Justice Eady.Obviously nightjack didnt have the right contacts or didnt go to the right school because Eady decided that he would not issue an injuction to prevent the information on Nightjack being published.

Fucking unbelievable.In my opinion this twat isnt fit to judge a vegetable that looks like a penis competition.

Caterham R500 v Ducati

What a car!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

British Army

Remember to give to Help for Heroes.

UAF are Nazi Scum

The UAF(uneducated and fuckwits) disrupted a press conference by Nick Griffin of the BNP outside parliament.The far left group managed to russle up a few soap dodging dole scroungers to shout something inane like "nazi scum off our streets".They like to keep their slogans nice and short so the halfwits can remember them.

Regardless of what you think of the BNP and Nick Griffin he has been voted as an MEP .The real Nazis were the UAF and their labour/unite backers.These people regard freedom of speech as something that they own.They are allowed to say what they want but anyone who disagrees with them are labelled Nazis or Nasty racists.

Just remember that Nazi stands for National Socialist with the emphasis on Socialist.The UAF and their socialist paymasters are the enemy of free speech and an enemy of the people of this country.

Nazi scum doesnt begin to describe the UAF.

I think we can expect more attacks on peoples free speech in the remaining months of this corrupt socialist regime.It will be interesting to see whether Mc Doom or the New Home Secretary postman pat will have the guts to stand up and condemn the UAF as enemies of democracy(whatever that means these days) and enemies of free speech(a couple of flying pigs just went past my window).

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Make it count

Make your vote count.
Vote for anyone other than labour.
The bigger the disaster for labour the better the chance of getting rid of retard Brown soon.
This is your chance to be heard.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Who is going today?

They are all leaving the sinking ship nu labour .Who will be going today.One thing is for sure it wont be Mc Doom.When the election results come in surely Snotty will realise the game is up and its time to just go back to Scotchland and do something useful like die.He can take all the other cunts in his government of fuckwits and they can do likewise.

To continue the Naval metaphor-the cursed ship nu labour is dead in the water and taking on water.Captain Mc Snotty has taken to his cabin with first officer balls up and roger the cabin boy insisting that all is well .Everyone else knows its finished and are getting off before it sinks below the waves.Everyone on board can now see the folly of ramming SS new labour into HMS England as part of Mc Snotties plan to destroy it.The good people of this country have seen whats happening and are gathering on the shore to watch the ship go down.Any survivors will be put before the Court of Public Opinion.

All we need now is for someone to send a couple of torpedoes into the hull and they will be gone for good.Who will that be ? Perhaps the Queen,perhaps David Cameron,perhaps the BNP who knows.

Things are getting interesting.

T.H.O.H collection bag.

If you get a "charity" bag through your door from the above organisation then throw it in the bin.

It is from an organisation called the hand of help.It is not a charity it is a scam.

It states that they raise money for Birth Care Association which doesnt exist.Donations made to
organisations like this are just sold and the money is used to line the pockets of those that run the scam.

If you are going to donate goods to a good cause please make sure that it is registered as a charity.
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