Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow update for Crowborough.

Snowing today and more snow expected.

Sussex Police advice is to make sure you have gone to the toilet and changed your underpants and when your driving dont forget to not crash.

I will post updates later if the Crowborough microclimate takes a turn for the worse.

This global warming is a killer.
Update 9.30 am- 1 inch of snow (in my garden) ,snowing hard,main roads fairly Ok but all other roads starting to look a bit dodgy.
Update 13.40.Still snowing,1.5 inches measured.main roads still clear.Bloody cold.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Crowborough Community Centre Levy Petition

If you live in Crowborough and are against the council taxpayers footing the bill for the unwanted Community Centre then sign this online petition today.


Wealden-bastards and thieves.

The complete bastards at Wealden have come up with another plan to fund the new community centre.
As well as the Town Council borrowing £3 million !! for the project Wealden wants to stick an extra £84 onto our council tax.

Councils should be cutting budgets and schemes like the community project should be first on the list.

I would hope that residents will resist this proposal and tell Wealden where to stick their £84.

As for Alan Cornish who is the Gob Shite in charge of the Community facility project he can go fuck himself as well.

All the meetings ,business plans and accounts for this project have been kept firmly out of the public domain (probably so we dont find out whose had their hand in the till) and they want us to
stump up even more money.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Its going to snow.

Earth calling council fuckwits,Earth calling council fuckwits its forecast to snow tonight so do you think you could all get off your fat lardy arses and actually keep the roads clear this year.

In case you dont understand

Friday, 19 November 2010

Matthew Street co opted onto the council.

A new person as been appointed as Councillor (note appointed not voted in).

Despite this I will cut him a bit of slack to start with and publish his contact details for people to contact him if they have an issue they wish to raise with him.

Matthew Street
North Ward
Westfield Lodge, Hilders Farm Close, Crowborough TN6 2XJ
tel: 01892 660141
email: matthewstreet@talktalk.net

I have no idea what he stands for nor what his opinions on the issues that affects us are but I will be watching to see whether he is any more than the self serving idiots we have on the council at the moment.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Community facility-crashed and burned?

Rumours are going round that the £3million community facility project has fallen at the last post.

Apparently Wealden wanted Crowborough Council to take on the liability for the project as well as bankrolling it.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest that the council may have made the correct decision by kicking the project into touch and Clive Wilson in the nuts by saying "no thanks".

I hope this rumour is correct and the Council will start to live within its means not way beyond it.

If this is true it will make it very awkward for Clive(Dunn) Wilson and the other nonentity whose name escapes me both of whom have tried to force this project down our throats and insist that we be grateful and foot the bill.

I stress that these are rumours but we can all keep our fingers crossed.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Problems with the Town Council-in a nutshell.

Anita Kerwin Nye is in the paper this week justifying her decision to resign from the council.
It was all to do with the fact that she has such an important job that she couldnt find the time to attend council meetings.

I call bullshit on that one .

Being a town councillor shouldnt really involve that much time if you get down to the nitty gritty.

The council has responsibility for keeping the town clean and tidy but none of them actually gets their hands dirty to empty the dog shit bins or anything like that.Given that you can only discuss sweeping up the pavements so often what exactly do they do in all their meetings.

Well they do approve burial plots in Crowborough which should take all of about 10 minutes every 6 months and they rubber stamp planning applications which would take about 30 minutes a month I reckon so what the fuck are they doing for the rest of the time.

Anything other than keeping the town clean,approving plots and rubber stamping planning applications is just bullshit and way beyond their remit.

Councillor tree hugger George Moss has his pet projects like changing the worlds climate and the intersting concept of turning pavements into roads which is up to him but neither of these things are anything to do with the town council .
Mrs Hatchet Face Moss(pic above) seems to rather fancy being the permanent mayor so she can ponce around pretending to be somebody (someone intelligent with a personality) which she clearly isnt.
Clive Wilson and his mates like to get together and fuck up the towns finances for generations to come on some shitty community hut vanity project which the council should have no part in least of all funding it to the tune of £3 million.

So there you go -if the council just got on and concentrated on their accepted responsibilities
and steered clear of all the bollocks that they shouldnt be dabbling in the town would be a better place.Why we need 16 councillors to sit around on their fat arses is beyond me.Surely the council would function just as well with lets say 5 councillors and a town clerk (on minimum wage) meeting for an hour once a month.
It would be interesting to see what would happen if the Town Council was wiped out in a freak accident or an Alki Ada terrorist attack and how long it would be before the residents actually noticed a difference.I bet no one would notice a difference at all apart from the fact that we wouldnt have councillors and ex councillors whining in the press about the difficult job they do and because its so difficult it would be beyond mere mortals to make sure the street cleaner got paid,the cemetry got strimmed and drinks accepted to approve dodgy planning applications.
Anyone could do that without any problem and do a better job than the special needs spazzers we have on the council at the moment.

The whole council are a load of lazy self serving bastards who see their position as councillor as an opportunity to network and promote their own interests rather than the interests of the residents of this town.Oh and make sure you dont mention the scientologist wankers that seem to have infiltrated the town council with the intentions of turning our brains into mulch so we believe that old Ronny Hubbard was not a drugged up hippy with no talent at all in writing crappy science fiction books .

Just as a matter of interest I was asked to comment on Crowborough Town Council for the article in the Courier last week.Strangely enough none of my opinions seems to have made it into print because they wanted to turn the whole story into an Anita Kerwin(i am a busy working mum) Nye love fest.I was told that they may use some of my opinions on a later story if I gave them my real name and address so they could pass it on to the council who would then get their bullyboy gay loving ,we value diversity (apart from if your white hetero christian)stasi inspired Police twats to make my life a misery at every opportunity.

I declined their offer.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NSPCC must be stopped.Full Stop.

Another day another charity bag- this time from clothesaid on behalf of the NSPCC.

I have already established that clothesaid are a dodgy operator who makes a lot of money out of donated goods ,£700 per tonne for them whilst giving the charity £50 per tonne.

That should be reason enough to not give them any donated goods but perhaps you should also reconsider why you should be giving anything to the NSPCC in the first place.

The NSPCC has transformed from its humble beginnings into a state sponsored corporate money making machine.I feel that it would not be wrong to label the NSPCC
as a fake charity.

Looking at their accounts it would appear that they dont exactly need any extra money.

Just some numbers to consider from the 2009 accounts.

Total Income -£154 million
Income from Government-£20 million.
Cost of generating funds-£31 million.

What is achieved as a result of all this money being shovelled in their direction.

Well apart from from employing loads of marketing people,broadcasting "donate or the child gets it "adverts and subsidising Esther Ranksens pet project the answer would appear to be very little.Like so many organisations NSPCC has turned into a huge money making machine whereby a huge amount of that money goes on feeding the machine that is making the money.Charities cannot make a profit but they can spend millions on things like expensive buildings,company cars and wages for people whose only purpose is to raise the money to pay for their own wages.

Surely the issue of protecting children is not so great in this country that it requires a state sponsored organisation to spend £100s of millions of pounds on it.The NSPCC obviously overstate the child cruelty issue because it means more money for them but when they are actually needed they are nowhere to be seen.Where was the NSPCC and its squillions in the baby P case?

Unfortunately like bollocky climate change and immigration the righteous lefties have claimed child protection for their own for the simple reason they can make a huge amount of money out of it.If anyone starts to question the validty of their case they are immediately shouted down as being racist/climate denier or in the case of the NSPCC they will label any critic a peado or child abuser.

One thing they cant do is force you to donate to them so I would advise you to donate your goods to a proper charity that does what it says on the tin.

If you dont believe me then read this

Monday, 1 November 2010

Another scam charity bag.

Childrens Hearts charity bag seems to be a scam.
It purports to be run by a company called RCC Ltd with a Crawley Tel No.

No such company exists acccording to companies house .If you read the small print they state they will give 60% of the profit for RCC LTD to charity.

As the company doesnt exist its unlikely they will make any profit or donate anything to charity.

Another scammer ripping off people donating goods on the assumption it will assist charity .

Dont give the thieving bastards anything.
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