Thursday, 30 October 2008

Proper Copper

Re my previous post about contacting the proper Police if you have the need.

I need to perhaps clear up any misunderstanding.Even if you call the Police dont expect them to do much unless the crime falls into one of the following categories.

1)The Victim is not English

2)A pikey has been called a pikey.

3)Someone has a Gollywog or ceramic Pig on display in their own home.

4)Someone who is white and English has overstayed their parking ticket by half a milisecond.

Anything else and you might be lucky to get a crime number and the telephone number for victim support but as far as immediate action you can forget it.The Police in general are just a branch of social services dedicated to whizzing around in their little helicopter looking into peoples private property and enforcing the dictats from Herr Jackie von Smith our glorious social engineer.(fat cow more like)

A cousin of mine was one of the murder victims in Tunbridge Wells 2 decades ago.Despite Kent Police having a DNA profile of the murderer they have done absolutely F### All .

We have all had the Saint Stephen Lawrence case rammed down our throat because he was black and we are all so racist nasty people.My cousin was white so no mention about her and no effort has been put into finding the scum that killed her.No political capital in investigating the murder of two white girls so nothing gets done .

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Not Proper Coppers.

PCSOs are going to be given more powers to hassle law abiding members of the public so watch it everyone.

Everyone knows that these little hitlers are all on a power trip and would have fitted in to the Gestapo perfectly in pre war Germany.

They pick on law abiding members of the community(i hate that word) because they havnt got the powers or guts to actually deal with proper crims in society(hate that word too).

General advice to everyone who is law abiding-have absolutley nothing to do with them.If they
speak to you ignore them-if they ask you questions ignore them.You are under no obligation to
answer any questions from these quislings.They can ask any questions they like but dont say anything to them.
If you want to contact the Police in an Emergency dial 999 .If its not an emergency contact the
Police using the internet.Do not accept a PCSO as an alternative to a proper copper.

If you disagree with me then let me know by leaving a comment.

Clued Up misinfo

A colleague of mine has had dealings with the above organisation in Crowborough.
If you look at their website you would think it was a little charity helping the youth of Crowborough to do something useful with their lives.You might also think that the website is out of date and the forums are disabled because they dont have the resources
to keep it all up to date (being a charity and all that).
Well I have to tell you that if you thought that you would be wrong-in fact you couldnt be more wrong if you thought that brainwashing kids was a good idea.
Information shop is also a misnomer as its primary purpose is to encourage the vulnerable/thick element of Crowborough youth to do exactly what they damn well like regardless of the legality of it.
Information about drugs means "ignore your parents and take them its never done me any harm" type of advice.
Information about sex means "ignore your parents and dont worry what abstinence means just do it anyway" "what your only 14 never mind dont tell your parents and Im sure we can sort out some sort of sterilisation for you" " of course a contraceptive implant will protect you from anything nasty" (apart from chlamydia,aids etc etc) type of advice.
Information on smoking means "ignore your parents and smoke""what your only 14-well it doesnt matter as the law is stupid " type of advice.
Information on Jobs and Careers means "ignore your parents and dont worry about getting
qualifications as we have a life on benefit lined up for you" type of advice"
You get the idea -undermine the parents and mess up kids lives so the lesbian type youth workers can justify their huge salaries of 20-25K per annum(only ethnics and lesbians need apply).
I hear all you readers shouting "there must be a demand for this service and it is a charity after all" wrong on both counts my friends.
Yes Clued Up is registered as a charity but that doesnt mean its a charity in the accepted sense of the word.No there isnt any demand for this type of service at all it is just a "subvert the youth"and undermine traditional values type of operation set up and run by the marxists in East Sussex County Council.
Yes thats right East Sussex County Council run this organisation for the sole purpose of getting grants from other Local Government Departments (themselves) to subvert and indoctrinate
the youth in Crowborough into making immoral and anti social(in the real sense) behaviour acceptable.
Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been thrown at Clued Up from various departments within ESCC ."So what it doesnt affect me because I dont have kids".Oh how wrong-where do you think that this money comes from ?Yep thats right the good old taxpayers of Crowborough. We are paying twice in fact-let me explain.
All the staff (what the hell do they all do) are employed by and contracted to East Sussex County Council with good salaries and pensions which we already pay for.But ,here comes the good bit,
they then (under the guise of a charity) claim money in the form of grants from themselves to cover the running costs of the "charity" including secondment costs ie staff wages.
Where does all this money go when the Town Council pays for the accomodation costs and ESCC pays for all the staffing costs?Well youve got me on that one because no-one has got a clue.
Is someone making money out of this scam-I havnt a clue on that one either.What I do know is
that the Trustees of the so called charity are nearly all ESCC employed(conflict of interest there)
and are very reluctant to divulge anything about the funding and running of this pseudo charity.
As far as I can see there has never been any meeting where the huge amounts of money wasted has been discussed so everything is less than transparent.Sounds like a common purpose inspired organisation to me (look it up on the internet).
So in short-do not let your children attend clued up,do not let the local school (Beacon) tell you that it is helpful(the Headmaster is a trustee of Clued Up by the way) and do not support it in any way.
If anyone has any useful information about Clued Up then send me an e mail on All information will be treated as confidential and no record of your e mail address will be kept (unlike clued Up) but that is a different matter.
Anyone who is thinking of sending me abuse etc then use the comments section of my blog so we can all have a good laugh.
If you dont support free speech and have been offended by anything on my blog then please leave me a comment and then f##k off .
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