Thursday, 16 July 2009

Were doomed.

I have just read that Gordon McDoom is going on holiday to the Lake District during the summer.
As everything he touches or anywhere he visits turns to shit I am more than a little concerned that Sellafield is up that way.

Brown Helicopters.

Everyone in the know is saying that our troops do not have enough helicopters in Afghanistan.
Coward brown states that there has been over a 50% increase in helicopters over the last 2 years and anyway the recent casualties wouldnt have been prevented by more helicopters.
Hello! what planet are you on brown arse.Percentages dont mean anything -if you started with one and end up with two that is a 100% increase but you still only have two.
If there were enough helicopters our servicemen wouldnt be travelling on roads.If they are not on the roads then the taliban(or whoever it is) wouldnt know where to plant IEDs.
So answer me one thing Mr Brown stain-why is it that when you visit Afghanistan you travel in a helicopter,perhaps next time you could travel in a soft skinned vehicle like our troops.
The MOD came up with the idea of supplying troops with refurbed Sea kings and Pumas to fill the gap(Sea Kings are good sturdy machines but the design is over 40 years old and Pumas are just crap).Our troops should be given the best helicopters available be that the Merlin or Black Hawk but I suppose a Sea King is better than a Snatch Landrover(which were excellent for what they were designed for but crap for protecting against IEDs).

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Despite the casualties the British Military are doing what they do best in Afghanistan.We should all be proud of these brave individuals who are fighting in this conflict.Millipede and Brown pants say that it is vital to national security that our soldiers remain.What the Politicians dont say is our troops are dying because of political interfering in this conflict.Our troops are suffering because a lack of helicopters , second rate armoured transport etc etc
What the politicos dont realise is that this conflict is unwinnable under current circumstances.Unless the Armed Forces are allowed to fight the Taliban as they see fit and with the best equipment available there are going to be a lot more casualties like we saw this week.Our European Nato allies are standing back and letting the UK,USA and Canada do all the dirty work while their soldiers do nothing.
There seems to be no exit strategy -I think now is the time to consider pulling our troops out and letting our "brave European Allies take over".
The politicians caused this mess but they dont have a clue what to do.Our Troops are getting killed and that bastard coward brown doesnt even have the decency to send someone to be there when the bodies come home.

Support Help for Heroes and dont forget the troops homecoming march through Tunbridge Wells this friday.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Luton slappers in the High Street

Coming to a town centre near you a load of blokes with man boobs slapping themselves.

If we are lucky? they might make an appearance at the Tunbridge Wells Melee.

What country is Luton in again?

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Multicultural Bollocks in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells Mela 2009
On Sunday 19 July, the ever popular Tunbridge Wells Mela will return to Calverley Grounds, Royal Tunbridge Wells, from 12 noon until 6pm.
This community event celebrates the diversity of the borough through music, food and dance and attendance is completely free of charge!
Mela is a term from the Indian Subcontinent used to describe community celebrations. Melas now take place all over the UK.
This will be the fourth Tunbridge Wells Mela and will feature a wide range of performances and food from all over the world including the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Bangladesh, India, the Caribbean and Egypt amongst others.
Groups performing on the day include: Zimbaremabwe, Lahing Kayumanggi, Dhaki/Dhol Fusion, Hot Rats, Deshi Movement, Courtney McMahon Irish Dancers, B21, Phase 5 Steel Band, Four By Four Bhangra Group & Dhol Drummers, and Casabella - Latin Fusion, and there will also be a performance from local schools.
Visitors to the Mela can take part in activities, purchase food and drink, visit community information stands and socialise with their friends, all whilst listening - or even dancing - to an eclectic range of music.

Dont see many Brass Bands, Folk Groups or Morris Dancers.This racist anti British event is being foisted on the local residents to help community cohesion or some such bollocks.How can excluding the majority indigenous population be good for community relations.Notice though how they are roping the school kids in to brain wash them at an early age.I wouldnt let my kids within a hundred miles of this event or the right on PC gits that thought it up.Wait a few days and then go to the War and Peace Show at Beltring unless of course you want to see the one legged transgender bangaldeshi bangra deshi fusion drumming (no whiteys allowed) band.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Wealden Council is watching

Wealden District Council frequently comes up on my visitor lists .
I can only think of 2 scenarios as to why anyone from the council would want to read my posts during "work" hours.
1)Someone who is employed by the council is interested in my blog and likes to keep up to date with it.If this is the case then please dont be offended but fucking well do it in your own time not whilst you are supposed to be employed doing something useful.Actually I am finding it hard to think of anything that anyone employed by Wealden could possibly do useful other than get a proper job.For information the council tax payers dont pay a kings ransom every month so council employees can access foul mouthed blogs such as this.
2)Someone is employed by the council(paid by the taxpayer) to sit on their computer monitoring local blogs /websites for dissident views that dont fit in with their own warped mindset and values.
I am coming around to it more likely to be option 2 than option 1.
Without wanting to sound too "tin foil hat" I know that internet access is strictly controlled within the local government and civil service.Logs are kept and if you are found to have accessed something that you shouldnt have then its normally treated as a disciplinary offence.This would indicate that someone within wealden council has free reign to access anything they like .The motive of the "watcher" is not known to me but I would like to communicate with them in a spirit of honesty and free speech.
Dont take it personally mr or ms wealden watcher but people like you make me sick.No doubt you are some sort of right on twat who studied media studies at school and has found out that even Mc Donalds think you are unemployable.The only job you could get was as a council funded
quisling that views things that you are unable to understand because your brain power and life experience are on the par of a goldfish.I would guess you are probably in your middle age and still live at home with your mummy because everyone thinks you are a fucking knob end of the highest order.
There you go-stick that in your little book and go and run off theres a good gimp.Go tell your boss(they must be even more retarded than you) that someone doesnt express the views that
your common purpose mentor said everyone must express .BWahahaha someones been nasty to me.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Alan Johnson brain is this big.

Oh Dear

Alan (ex commie union twat) didnt consult with Gordon Mc Doom before deciding to sort of scrap the ID card scheme.

Obviously this will create a bit of a problem for the Government.

Mc Doom has no intention of scrapping the ID card or national ID database and postman pat is just pissing in the wind.They all know that the Conservatives have written to the main contractors saying that the scheme would be scrapped as soon as they came to power.This put a spanner in the works as the main contractors have told the government to fuck off making the whole thing implode.

Postman Pat is just positioning himself for a go at the leadership after Mc Doom has gone.

Dont believe anything any of them says they are all lying cunts.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Wealden advice-take it or leave it.

This is advice from Wealden District Council-read it and you get the idea that the people who write this shit are as thick as they think we are.

Keep Cool in Summer
As the effects of climate change become more apparent, it will be even more important to stay cool during the summer as temperatures get hotter. There are low cost ways to keep your home cool during warmer weather that also save energy.
Close curtains during the day, especially if you are going out, as keeping the sunlight out will keep the house cooler. Closing windows during the heat of the day will also help.
Open windows when it is cooler during the morning and evening.
If you use electric fans to stay cool, only use them in the room you are in and don’t leave them running when you are out.
A cool shower is a great way of cooling down at the end of the day and will use less energy than a bath.
If you have air conditioning only use it when the temperature inside is warmer than outside (otherwise just open a window). If you are using air conditioning only cool the rooms you are in and remember to close windows.
Try keeping some bottled tap water in the fridge add some slices of lemon or lime for flavour, rather than expensive and unhealthy fizzy drinks.
Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, and remember to cover up, use sun cream and wear a hat if you go outside.

I particularly like the bit about only using air conditioning if the temperature inside is warmer than outside-if you have air conditioning it cools the air to any temperature you want down to minimum of approx 18 degrees C.Am I supposed to do a full scientific experiment to find out the average temperature outside and compare it with the average inside temperature.Yeah right just like the idiots that wrote this actually researched anything before putting it down as official advice.Notice also they cant resist the climate change bollocks right at the start.Climate changes from day to day and week to week -its what we call the seasons.To keep it simple

summer hot-winter cold.

All the important News of the week.

I am a bit short of time so I am going to post a summary of my thoughts from the last few days in no particular order.

Michael Jackson-Still dead.

Gordon Brown-Still a cunt -worst performance ever at PMQs-0% growth.

Heatwave-couple of days of warm weather in summer does not make global warming/climate change bollocky bollocks.

Heat Alert-Level 3 alert issued by the powers that be this week whatever that means apart from its going to be hot.

Swine Flu-Its got so "serious" that the official advice is go home and rest for a couple of days.

Government Borrowing-Everyone else saying 20 billion a month is "not good".Gordon Brown and his party of no talents say we have run out of money so we are going to invest money we havnt got by printing money that doesnt exist.

Death at the hands of the Police-2 Dogs left to die in a car during the hottest day of the year by some cunt with the intelligence of a car jack.

Wimbledon-BBC wetting themselves over some miserable spoilt brat with a pushy mother winning a game that most people have no interest in whatsoever.

Glastonbury-BBC sends 4 hundred people to report on another load of Guardian reading luveys having a groovy time in a muddy field.

Climate change-a report has stated(dont you just know its going to be bollocks) that sheep on some Island off somewhere not that important have got smaller because of so called climate change.Fuck me I thought it took evolution millions of years to produce change but drive your Range Rover today and tomorrow small sheep pop up.Ergo cars equal small sheep.

Police Chief talks Bollocks-this is news!

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