Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Rioting and disorder-call in the PCSOs.

The Police are warning of a "summer of rage" .

When the shit really hits the fan the Police will not have enough trained officers to cope so will rely on PCSOs.

Can you imagine a few PCSOs trying to hold back a mob of baying pitchfork wielding citizens .

These cunts pretending to be Police officers will need all the help they can get from the general law abiding populace.When the call for help comes good people remember to do your duty and tell them to fuck right off.We have all had to put up with these fucking little hitlers telling us what to do and what not to do over the last few years.My advice to the PCSOs would be-get out while you can and get a proper job .

Roll on summer it looks like it could be rather fun.

I hope the powers that be are not relying on the Army to put down any uprising.The Armed Forces swear allegiance to the Monarch not to Politicians and they hate Brown and his bunch of retarted marxists as much(if not more) than the average person in the street.

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Earthlet Nigel said...

The Police are warning of a "summer of rage" .

Should be interesting to see when kick-off is.
Simple answer for Plod;a) round up the Zanuliebor members (rank and file), charge with treason and/or sedition (should they have the wit to frame the charge);b) anyone offering their legal services gets to enjoy the incarceration along with their clients. c) no legal aid for any of them, and if that means they have to sell second and third properties, TOUGH TITTY.

Potential Results:

a) Would defuse the situation and may, just may, result in Plod earning some respect. However they are going to have to engage with the public, utilise commonsense, abolish ACPO, and hand in their toys.

b) should ensure legal representation is minimally available.

c) Might just rejuvenate the stagnant property market, and could result in the electorate perceiving justice was being done.

Ex-forces in the electorate acount for around one third of the population; many are highly trained, adaptable and resourceful.

So in summary spill Zanuliebore's blood before you find yourself arraigned on charges and indicted before the court of human rights.

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