Friday, 27 August 2010

Poor Old Clive Wilsons house.

Google Earth image of poor old Clive (Dunn)Wilsons not insubstantial abode.

Poor old Clive (Dunn) Wilson  isnt as poor as he makes out.Despite his protestations that he cant afford a computer or  a home internet connection and wants us to pay for both his pad doesnt look too bad to me.

As suspected unelected, undemocratic poor old Clive is just a hypocritical trougher who wants the taxpayers of Crowborough to dig deep into their pockets in order to pay for his new laptop and Wi Fi.

Poor old Clive is supposed to be an architect so it does surprise me a little that his house has all the architectural merit of a dog turd which is handy because the footpath that borders his pad is known locally as dog shit alley.

To complete the troughers happy families pack poor old clives old woman is a Wealden councillor so troughing runs in the family.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Its official -The loonies have taken over the asylum known as Crowborough Town Council.

This is a google earth image of walsh manor in Crowborough where 200 loonies oops sorry scientologists say they live.
Obviously the place is like some sort of 1960s hippy commune type thing where a certain Mr and Mrs Keenan live.This would be of no interest to anyone in the town if it were not for the fact that Mrs Tatjana Keenan is one of our town councillors.
Well good for Mrs Keenan because she stood for office and despite her rather ahem unorthodox views the people of Crowborough Jarvis Brook ward voted for her to represent them in the council.

Hang on just one moment though Mrs Tatjan Keenan didnt actually get voted in did she so she didnt have to publicise the fact that she lives in a weirdo commune or that she thinks the words of a third rate sci fi author are deep and spiritual rather than a load of old bollocks.
Tatty Keenan got co opted onto the council on a show of hands by the councillors (some of which are co opted themselves).So if we didnt know already the co option system allows any looney tunes to be given power and influence over the town without any democratic accountability.Poor old Clive (Dunn)Wilson and Tattyjam Keenan are prime examples of the sort of people who seek power for all the wrong reasons and dont see why an inconvenient issue like not being voted in democratically should stop them.

This may well be the start of an occasional series whereby I publish the
google earth view of our councillors humble abodes.They seem to like the idea of spying on us so perhaps its time they got a taste of their own medicine.I may well start with the co opted councillors first with my old favourite "poor old" Clive Wilson who cant even afford a computer featuring next.I do hope poor old Clive lives in a ramshackle shack or it may appear that he is a troughing hypocrite.
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