Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kent Police Skoda GN07 LLM speeding and driving like a dick.

The Police are total hypocrites are they not.

I was in a vehicle following a marked Kent Police Skoda GN07 LLM yesterday up Quarry Hill in Tonbridge. By our satnav we were travelling at least 42 in a 40mph limit and he was pulling away from us clearly over the posted limit and territory for a FPN and 3 points.
He drove all the way to Southborough where he turned into the car park of the closed Lloyds Bank without indicating causing the car immediately behind him to brake sharply.

Before anyone says -oh the Police can ignore the speed limits if on a call I should perhaps point out that the car although fully marked didnt have a light bar on top and seemed to be like the ones the plastic plod PCSOs drive around in.

I have tweeted Kent Police-lets see how keen they are on tackling speeding and careless driving in their own ranks.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crowborough Community Centre update .

Cllr Larkin the spokesperson for  CCA2010 seems to be  keeping a low profile recently probably because the largely unelected town council has voted to give his pet project  £30,000 to pay for the shortfall on the wages bill plus an additional £13200 of taxpayers money to cover a shortfall in retention(whatever that is).
The undemocratic council voted on it and those that voted for additional taxpayers money includes unelected Cowie,Quentin and our unlawful mayor Cooke who by coincidence are also members of CCA2010.They did all declare an interest but were then allowed to vote for extra money for the very organisation they are part of (how can that be just).
Oh and to complete the dodgy dealings -the old Park Road site was transferred from CCA2010 to the Town Council on the 25/2/13 (without debate) even though there is no proof CCA2010 actually owned it in the first place. Now the town council supposedly owns the property its going to cost £3000 of taxpayers money to fence it off and another £25000 of taxpayers money to clear the site.
The conmunity centre has turned into one huge financial blackhole for the  town and its taxpayers with the unelected council handing over huge sums of our money to their associate members of CCA2010 some of which are on both bodies.
This state of affairs was predicted by many including myself when the Conmunity Centre was being planned.We are now in a position whereby we the taxpayers are into this project for £3.5 million but even that insane figure is not enough to cover the initial cost and ongoing running costs.Now we have the liability of an owning  the Park Road site with the associated ongoing costs of that loaded onto the taxpayer.Given that Park Road isnt part of the local plan I can foresee the Old Centre being another drain on public funds.
Normally socialists  run out of other peoples money to spend-sadly there is still some money to be extracted from the poor old Crowborough tax payers before the well dries up completely .
The community centre should be cut off from any more public money and be forced to start paying back the money owed to the town and its residents.If they are unable to make reasonable payments on the loan then the loan facility should be cancelled and action taken to recover the whole debt as soon as possible.The CCA2010 handing over the park road site is akin to someone not being able to pay their mortgage payments but instead offering their lender a worthless rusty old Ford Cortina in lieu of payment.

Not only are we living in a democracy free zone in the town we are living under a clearly corrupt system that can only be described as tyrannical.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Drones over Crowborough?

The other night I heard a strange sounding aircraft flying around the skies of Crowborough.It was well after dark (probably about 10.30pm) and I noticed the sound of a single engined prop aircraft
flying quite low .The sound of a propeller plane is quite unusual after dark anyway but this aircraft seemed to be flying in large circles because it would fade and then come back again repeatedly and the engine had an unusual low tone from any light aircraft I had heard before.
From experience I could tell it was  a single engine aircraft but it was definitely not a helicopter as it was the wrong sound.

Looking out the window I could see nothing in the sky even though I listened to this sound for 5 -10 minutes before it finally faded into the distance and disappeared.

Doing a bit of research I managed to find a single engined aircraft that sounded just like the aircraft I heard circling over Crowborough .Listen to it here in the first 20 seconds of this YouTube clip.

Before you click the above link I will tell you what the aircraft was that made this strange noise over Crowborough in the night .The aircraft in question is an unmanned predator drone .

Why one would be circling Crowborough I dont have a clue but the fact that it was is deeply disturbing.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Sompriti forest walks in the English countryside not available to English people.

Racism at its worst rears its ugly head in Wealden and specifically the Ashdown Forest.New walks have been arranged on the Ashdown Forest by the left wing subversive social engineering organisation known as Sompriti with the support of Wealden Council.

The walks are only available to Efnic Minorities in order to show them what the countryside used to look like before the socialist/communists got their grubby hands on it.If you are white or even worse (in their eyes) English you are not allowed to be part of these taxpayer funded walks.

As always is the case the worst racists are the anti rascists.

Read about here.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Decline of the Ashdown Forest.

The "management" of the Ashdown Forest is a complete shambles and that state of affairs is mirrored in the decline of the Forest as a whole.Once an area of natural beauty the area is being turned into a moonscape by the  conservators with the aim of turning the forest into heathland.Trees are being grubbed out causing soil erosion all in the name of progress and the conservators have been subverted from a group of interested parties intent on managing the area for the benefit of the owners (Sussex residents) to some sort of bizarre left wing social engineering outfit run by councillors/ex councillors and common purpose subversives.Areas are cleared to assist access for cripples,trees are cut down but never replaced and there seems to be more emphasis on cohesion and diversity bollocks  than preserving this ancient hunting forest.
Windowlickers and diverse racial groups are all welcome but local residents are not especially if they own a car.If you believe the Ashdown forest management team local residents driving in the forest are killing the deer and killing off the flora and fauna with their cars and the all encompassing meaningless word-"emissions".
The deer population is out of control as reported in the press today yet the conservators refuse to cull them.Collisions are happening all the time between deer and cars but the conservators and management of the forest prefer to promote the lie that the accidents are caused by motorists speeding rather than accepting that their mismanagement of the deer population and the forest in general is to blame.
Similarly the emissions from cars is just a crock of shite-cars are cleaner than they have ever been and in any event Nitrogen Oxides are vital for plant life not a threat.

Is it any surprise that our forest is in decline when you consider that the Chairman of the Board of Conservators the pompous  ex leader of Wealden Council Rupert Thornely-Taylor doesnt even live in the area-in fact he doesnt even live in Sussex-he lives in Suffolk.
The leader of the management team Pat Buesnel  based at the Ashdown Forest Centre was drafted in from some local quango  and has no experience whatsoever of the countryside other than she knows its the green spaces between the cities.When she was first appointed it was clear she was a common purpose type dedicated to the destruction of all we hold dear and turning everything into a socialist inspired bland cohesive shit hole.Interesting enough Ms Common Purpose seems to be keeping quiet and all references seem to have been wiped from the records that she even existed-strange.

My advice is visit the forest while you can because soon access will be limited to "protect it " yet in reality it will be totally destroyed beyond what even the industrial revolution and war managed to achieve-all in the name of progress of course.

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