Monday, 16 January 2012

Scientologists in Crowborough and Human Rights Abuses.

"Twelve months later, and being subjected to a course of intensive interrogations, re-indoctrination, sleep deprivation, filthy, heavy and demeaning work details and snubbed by former comrades on a daily basis, she was still there. She saw little hope of an end to the process, no way to escape the regime, and in a black fit of despair, decided to kill herself.

One afternoon, I had just driven back the camp; I saw an ambulance and people in a tizzy and running around. I was told by a white-faced college that Alice had ran out of the RPF indoctrination room, gone to the workshop, found a tin of paint thinner, swallowed it then climbed up on top of the gym roof, a fifteen-foot high structure surrounded by concrete. She jumped."

The above is an example of a tale of Human Rights Violation but can anyone guess where this happened.North Korea,China or some South American country where life is cheap and violent death is commonplace.
No you are all wrong because this occured in Crowborough at the Scientologists Walshes Manor establishment.

Read the rest of the article here to find out about this pseudo penal colony and labour camp in our midst.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Crowborough Downfall video.

As featured on This is Sussex website.
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