Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Huw Merriman local Conservative Councillor exposed as being 2 faced over coalition.

Huw Merriman is a local Councillor for Rotherfield who is wading into the Conservative smear campaign of UKIP on local media sites.
He uses the article to harp on about the dirty tricks that resulted in the local UKIP candidate being suspended pending an investigation over things that were supposedly posted on social media.
If Huw wants to take the moral high ground perhaps he shouldnt slag off the Liberals and what a failure a coalition government would be in his election broadcast when he was standing as the Conservative candidate in Derbyshire at the last general election.

Oh Dear.

Oh dear Huw -it looks like your goose is well and truly cooked as well as being exposed as a 2 faced twat.

Below is my reply to Huws smears which will no doubt be removed anytime soon.

"Unfortunately indulging in smears and scares against UKIP just highlights the Conservatives lack of backbone and lack of real policies.
A majority of people want out of europe but traitor Cameron failed to deliver his promise of an in/out referendum and instead trying to fob us off with a fudged referendum sometime in the future.
UKIP are the only party with the guts to represent the views of the majority in Crowborough and Sussex who want small government/big enterprise and wealth being generated by a vibrant private sector free to trade with the whole world without interference from the soviet style EU.
Churchill wanted a united europe as a way of guaranteeing peace but didnt want Britain part of it.Since arch traitor Heath conned us into the EEC but instead enrolling us into the european superstate this country has gone from a technical/trading/political/military superpower to a country in terminal decline.
The majority of voters have had enough of the spend spend and spend some more mentalilty that leads to Greece style bankruptcy by self serving politicians that do not listen to the opinion of the majority .
Your post highlights all that is wrong with the established parties in that they see their support ebbing away to UKIP and instead of trying to win them back resort instead to scare tactics .From your post advocating higher public spending paid for I assume by even higher taxes whilst at the same time allowing the UK to become no more than a parish council of a european superstate I would say you and your party have seriously misjudges the mood of the country and the people of Sussex.The COnLabLibs have all had their chance and each one has blown it-now its time to move over and let the new kids on the block have a go-after all they cant do any worse can they.
Nigel Farage is a breath of fresh air and a resident of Sussex-lets give him and UKIP in sussex a thumbs up and the Conservatives the finger.
The fact that you posted at 0033 shows just how worried you and your party are about what could happen on Thursday-I think you have evry reason to be worried-very worried.
Vote UKIP get a referendum and a fresh start-vote ConLabLib get more of the same-more europe,more taxes,more secret courts,more human rights,more immigration,more economic depression.
You decide-I have and I will be voting UKIP"

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The tale of Crowborough Common and the Elitist Beacon Golf Club.

The fatheads in charge of the elitist Beacon Golf Course have decided to restrict access to the area of the Golf Course despite it forming part of Crowborough Common an area of over 200 acres of which the Golf Course constitutes a part.

The De La Warr estate sold the land rights to Crowborough Common (including what is now the elitist Golf Course) in 1906 with a condition of sale being that the public access to the entire area would never be restricted.This was later formalised under a declaration of the 1925 Law of Property Act to confirm that public access was allowed for the entire Crowborough Common area.

The elitist fatheads of the Beacon Golf Course are now trying to revoke this declaration and restrict public access across the area of the Common that includes the Golf Course.The only problem is that the condition of sale in 1906 guaratees free access forever and the declaration for the 1925 Property Act cannot be revoked by the elitist Golf Club or anyone else.

Backround for this situation is that the Elitist Beacon Golf Club (they hate being called elitist) tried to build a Car Park on the Common so its overweight members (the majority) didnt have to walk too far from their German elitist cars to the bar and back.After an uproar locally the application was turned down by Wealden Council.This really pissed off the elitists Golf Club because they thought they had bought off the Town Council and even employed (unelected) Cllr Steen as an "adviser" over the matter.

The fathead elitists are now trying to change the status of the common which has been common land for hundreds of years to prevent the plebs from gaining access to their beloved elitist golf club.

Unfortunately what the elitist Golf Club has done will backfire because people will just ignore their pompous proclamations and threatening signs and just continue enjoying the whole of the common as they have for generations.

As well as acting unlawfully the fathead elitists of Crowborough Beacon Golf Club have published a new website which publicly lambasts anyone who objected to their elitist car park plans using peoples names and location.

Strangely enough there has not been a peep from Crowborough (unlected)Town Council over the elitist golf clubs plans to restrict ancient rights of access over the Common .

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

UKIP candidates for ESCC elections.

Sonia Lucy  FINCH
Here are your UKIP candidates for the ESCC elections Crowborough election ward.
2nd May 2013
Make your vote count


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Cllr Quentin Burch-Shooting fish in a barrel.

Quentin (The Fish) Burch

It really is getting too easy-the non entities that masquerade as our representatives on the unelected town council have given up any pretence of  covering their dirty fingerprints from their dodgy dealings.

Quentin Burch is a co opted council member on Crowborough Town Council so therefore has not been voted in by anyone-preferring instead to get in by the nod and the wink method preferred by the election dodgers and their undemocratic friends on the Crowborough Partnershit.

An insider was telling me about the last sham that passes as a full council meeting these days when even more money was being poured down the black hole marked Crowborough Community Centre.Said insider commented that some Councillors declared an interest as being members of the Conmunity Centre Ass ociation  but were still allowed to take part in the vote to give themselves in effect more taxpayers money.One of those that declared an interest as being part of Crowborough Community Centre was Quentin (the fish) Burch.This was news to me because I wasnt aware that Quentin Burch was a member of CCA2010 but given that he declared that he was he must be.
I thought I would just check out Quentins (no sniggering at the back) on the councils members register of interests to confirm that he is actually a member.
Imagine my shock or should I say glee when I checked his entry on the register of interest only to find out that he hasnt declared his membership of this organisation that gets most of its funding from the Town Council/Taxpayer.

There are 2 possible scenarios here.

1) Quentin Burch is stupid and declared an interest at the beginning of a meeting to say he was a member of an organisation that he actually wasnt.

2)Quentin Burch is stupid by declaring an interest in a meeting when he hasnt registered that same interest on his members interest form.

So Quentin(the fish) Burch  co opted election dodger in the first degree (points finger)

As I said -like shooting fish in a barrel.

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