Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Local News-Helicopter on Chapel Green.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Crowbrough Community Centre Meeting Downfall.

A peek behind the veil of secrecy that surrounds the community centre project.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Mela run by private company but funded by the taxpayer.

A Mela is a multi culture piece of bollocks whereby taxpayers money is used to promote foreign cultures and traditions over British culture.
All the Melas in Kent are run by an organisation called cohesion plus based in the Medway towns.Cohesion Plus is actually a private limited company run for profit by a Mr Gurvinder Sandher but you wouldnt know it from their website.This organisation is registered as a private limted company through company house with a company number of 06924474.
Why the Police and local councils are giving a private company lots of taxpayers money I dont know because normally if a company wanted to run an event they would have to pay for it and not expect to be paid by the taxpayer.
To make this story more interesting up until last year the melas were run by a registered charity called North West Kent Racial Equality Council which strangely enough had Mr Gurvinder Sandher as Director.When NWKREC ceased to be last year the profitable mela management side was spun off as a private company with Mr Sandher in charge whilst the rump of the charity was evolved into the Kent Equality Cohesion Council which was run also by the same Mr Sandher.
So we have Mr Sandher creaming off the profits of the Melas into his own company whilst also getting paid by taxpayers money who involuntarily fund KENTECC through money chucked at them by local authorities.To make this story perfect we also know that key members of the now defunct North West Kent Racial Equality Council attended Common Purpose Training.
So to sum up we have taxpayers money being used to pay a private company to run crappy events whilst the profits are creamed off to line Mr Sandhers pocket.The taxpayer is also paying money over to another "partner organisation" through grants paid from local/national government and some of that money also ends up in Mr Sandhers pocket.The taxpayer was also paying out huge sums of money to run the previous charity some of which also found its way into Mr Sandhers pocket at the same time as paying for employees to attend NLP brainwashing session with Mad Middleton.
Melas managed by these organisations are held in many Kent towns so the amounts of taxpayers money we are talking about could potentially be huge.
On the face of it the winner is Mr Sandher whilst the loser is most definitely the taxpayer.So when you see a Mela poster proclaiming that
it is free you should realise that it means they are free to fleece the taxpayers and there isnt anything you can do about it.
I would suggest everyone boycotts Melas unless you want to fund Mr Sandhers
new Mercedes.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Town Councils new website.

The Town Council is looking to get their new website up and running by August 2012.The cost is going to be the best part of £4500 for what is likely to be a pretty basic design with I assume no e commerce content.

Normally under such circumstances a notice would be put out for people to tender for the job of designing the site at the best price.

Undemocratic Crowborough Town Council however decides that they are just going to hand out the money to someone who cant even get their own website up and running
A strange decision to make until you take into account the fact that George Hedges is well known to the council and particular councillors because he is the head of Wealden Residents Action Group (WRAG) who also by coincidence got their unfinished website designed by the self same George Hedges.Dont get the impression that WRAG represents all the residents of the town as they only represent those that used to be called council house tenants but are now classified as living in social housing.
Given that a huge majority of people within the town are not living in social housing WRAG is really insignificant but that doesnt stop it being handed loads of tax payers money.Isnt socialism in the post democratic age wonderful.
Incidently when I went on to view the whois entry for George Hedges Design it states that it is registered by a private non trading individual.If George Hedges is a non trading individual how can he be paid to design a website for 4500 of taxpayers pounds.
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