Sunday, 7 August 2011

Heres Wally.

Here is a picture of the latest unelected ones assimilated into the great leaders hive.

The one on the far right is Andrew(invisible man) Steen who seems as reluctant to have his picture on the councils website as he does to share his background and beliefs with us the residents of Crowborough East Ward who he thinks he represents .Our other East Ward non representative unelected representatives are Peter (£3million overdraft)Cowie,David(Lib Dum) Shaw and Sandra(twee)Timms none of which have been voted in just like 7/8ths of the council.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if any of these amnesiacs (forgot to stand at the May election!) will face the electorate next time. None of the co-optees from the previous grisly council did! This has to be the most undemocratic Town Council Crowborough has had since 1987. But who is to blame? Councillors seeking an easy ride or public apathy/indifference that allows them to to remain in office?

Captain Swing said...

I believe that there are provisions to get rid of council members by means of a petition.
I am researching this but it does rely on enough people in the town being concerned enough to do something about it.Therein lies the problem.

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