Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wanted- for contempt of the rule of law.

Wanted .

Have you seen this person?.He is wanted for crimes against democracy and crimes against the taxpayers of Crowborough with an attitude of contempt for the rule of law.

He has been a key player in a gang that has obtained a loan but lumbered the good people of Crowborough with the repayments using a very unlikely and slightly dodgy £3million business deal for a  very small  hall.When he was recently questioned about another dodgy deal of building a car park without planning permission his comment was "oh sod it" ive been caught out .It is believed that this person is suffering from inflated ego syndrome and likes to think of himself as a councillor despite there being no evidence that anyone has actually voted for him .

If you see him do not approach him because he is dangerous (to democracy and the finances of the town) and likely to react in an unpredictable manner at all times.

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Anonymous said...

In addition to the celebrated disregard shown by the usual gang of suspects currently disgracing the office of councillor, perhaps messers (sic) Cowie, Moss, Timms etc would care to explain why they have been having secret meetings with developers. Why did they refuse to answer Cllr. Waller`s request for information at the last Council meeting? Is the current "soft-soaping" by Gleesons the result?

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