Sunday, 7 August 2011

Where are the wallys?

East Ward- Andrew Steen
North Ward- Ronald Reed
West Ward- Quentin Burch Michael Cooke Wendy Scrace.

These are the new unelected members of the council that were so keen to represent the people of the town that they all waited until they could sneak in by the open back door called co option.I expected them to at least make a pretence over representing us by telling us who they are and what their political beliefs are but since being co opted we have silence.I presume they are not allowed to think for themselves or speak without our inglorious leaders say so and until they have completed their NLP brainwashing courtesy of Wealden.I mean how difficult can it be to actually find out what the residents concerns are and articulate those concerns in a democratic manner.Considering the fact that the Town Council is not democratic in any shape or form I suppose the "representing the residents" bit is also a bit beyond their remit these days.
We all need to keep our eyes open and see if we can spot the newly co opted wallys around the town asking the good people of the town what they think on issues before spouting out the inglorious leaders proclamations.


Anonymous said...

The undemocratic farce known as co-option was made even more suspicious by the (s)election of one member who was not even present and was not seen or questioned by councillors at the Council meeting!!! Quite clearly, the ONLY criteria for "consideration" at the meeting (or much more likely, secretly, before) is that these chancers should be supporters of the mayor and her undemocratic regime.

Captain Swing said...

That would be Mr Ron Reed the invisible man.
Its very strange that he seems to have been appointed despite not turning up for thye meeting.Strange but not a surprise.
If you look at the pictures on the Council website "Ron" is the only picture which is blurred and looks like a very poor photoshop job.

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