Saturday, 13 August 2011

Apaches over Crowborough.

I have heard from a source that NATO is planning a no fly zone over Crowborough because those in charge of the town are an undemocratic rabble.
The Town Council leader Muammar Moss has been given an ultimatum that unless democracy is restored by open and free elections within 4 weeks ground troops will be deployed with Apache air support in order to liberate the people of the town.
In response the official spokesperson from the undemocratic republic of Crowborough said "we are working hard with our partners to facilitate change within our communities and celebrate diversity through our new dictatorship framework document which can be found online.Surveys have found that everyone in the town is happy being told what to do by the council and the fact that we are unelected and undemocratic doesnt change that fact.We will resist NATO agression by all means and as a precaution PCSO Smith is to patrol the town with a Hi Vis jacket and his hands in his pockets in order to reassure our communities that everything is fine within the town".

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Anonymous said...

If only!!!! But I fear it would take more than mere Apaches to penetrate the walls of the Kremlin that the Town Hall has now become. Democracy in Crowborough finally perished 5 years ago, when debate in Council meetings was abolished. This followed a despicable campaign in the Courier to pillory those few Councillors who attempted to hold the executive to account, on behalf of the electorate.

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