Monday, 20 December 2010

Driving tips in the snow.

Bad weather =bad driving conditions.

Can I just ask the drivers of Crowborough who clearly cannot cope with a bit of snow and ice to stay off the road and do the rest of us a favour.The worst ones are the knobs who have bought a rear wheel drive car because "its a better driving experience" and havnt realised just how shit a rear wheel drive car with performance tyres are are on the snow and ice.Next worst are the uber knobs who decided to buy a flash BMW or Mercedes 4 wheel drive not realising that they are not built for actually going off road or driving in snow.
These soft roaders are worse than a front wheel drive hatch when the snow and ice is on the road.

So my advice to the "down from London" types with their crappy cars is to leave them in the garage until summer and walk.If you live in area prone to snow and ice as Crowborough is then trade your X3, X5 or X6 (sicks) in for a vehicles that will actually do what it says on the tin.Poncing around telling everyone that you drive a BMW isnt going to wash if the first time you drive on snow you end up upside down in a ditch although that will prove that your judgement in cars is poor and your driving skills even poorer.
The Defender is an excellent vehicle for such conditions but if you want an good 4 wheel drive that also makes a good all year round car go for the Freelander.If you opt for a fairly basic diesel model without any fancy tyres it will tackle anything you are likely to throw at it.For the down from London ponces Landrover may be a bit down market but people in the know realise that a car is a tool and if its no good at doing the tasks required its not good for anything.
I can hear the badge snobs saying that Landrovers are good cars but are unreliable-well that may be true of some older models (Discovery)but Defenders are renown for
reliability and Freelanders are actually built by Jaguar .
If you dont want a Landrover then get a Toyota Hi Lux (3 litre diesel)but for gods sake dont buy a crappy German softroader because those people pointing at you are not admiring your choice of vehicle they are pointing out what a retard you look driving a car that handles as well as a supermarket trolley with a dodgy wheel as soon as the temperature drops below freezing.

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