Thursday, 2 December 2010

Weather Thursday and storm clouds gathering.

More snow overnight making a total of 12 inches on the ground.

Still snowing.Public transport not running.

No gritters seen.

Despite the assurances from local government that lessons were learned last year its still just the same old same old.

No doubt the local authority numpties are preparing their excuses as we speak.Let me guess wrong type of snow blah blah,too much snow blah blah,climate change blah blah,give us more of your money or else blah blah,we havnt got enough money blah blah -well you get the idea.

It wouldnt hurt some of the Town Councillors to get off their fat arses and clear some snow but as they consider themselves too important to do menial stuff like serve the public I cant see it happening any time soon.

Just remember folks its local elections next year so the incumbent incompetents in charge are going to want your votes .My advice would be to tell them to go to hell and vote for anyone other than the sitting councillor.

The councillors should perhaps take heed of the words of Kennedy (changed slightly)-ask not what your town can do for you but ask what you can do for your town.Our councillors at all levels of local government are so corrupted by Common Purpose and frankfurt school political correctness that nothing gets done other than lining their own pockets and lining us up for a takeover by the EU.Think I am being paranoid-look what happened in Ireland.Kick em all out next May and lets start afresh.
Remember the EU is a Nazi inspired organisation and therefore anyone following the doctrines of the EU is a Nazi in the same way that collaborators in France were Nazis .Are we all going to just roll over and let the Nazis do now what our grandfathers fought to prevent 70 years ago or are we going to stand up and fight for our country,our culture and our childrens future.
Come on everyone wake up and smell the coffee public services are crap for a reason and that reason is that its part of a plan .Democracy isnt something that can be taken away,deconstructed and given back as something different.Democracy and freedom are rights enshrined in our written constitution (Bill Of Rights/Magna Carta) and no bastard is going to take them from us without a fight(to the death if need be).

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