Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Public service or Public disservice.

Seen the Wealden binmen today struggling around putting more effort to collect their Christmas tips than they ever do collecting the rubbish.Why do people feel the need to tip people who they already pay to do a job .Its not as if they are happy to take anything you want to get rid of is it.Put plastic in the recycling or heaven forbid a brown enevelope and they wont take it.Put too much in a bin and they wont take it.Live in an area that Wealden cant be bothered to grit and they dont turn up (unless its just before Christmas of course).So my tip for the binmen is just get on with the job we pay you to do and if for any reason you cant get round because of the snow then get off your backsides and clear the roads and paths.
Same with the Post.Why is it that the local scouts can deliver Christmas cards in the bad weather but Postmen are as rare as hens teeth when there is a bit of the white stuff on the ground.No postal deliveries round here for days.

Still some good news for once.I am reliably informed that the salt bins have been reinstated in Bridger Way and Montargis as a result of representations made to our non elected elected representatives on the Town Council. So a gold star to the Town Council for once-well actually a gold star to the lady that works in the office at the Town Hall because it would appear that she does more to help the residents than all the self serving piggy councillors put together.

Also good news that the council employees have been clearing the pavements but in reality its only around the town hall so the poor little piggies dont slip over when they have to attend the town hall to fill in their expenses claim form before approving a £3million pound debt for the town in order to build the white elephant community facility.Only 2 councillors voted against the proposal to stick an extra £84 onto our council tax to pay for their pet project.I dont know who the "no" councillors were but I can be sure it will not be poor old Chief Piggy Clive Wilson who is surely Crowboroughs very own version of Bernard Madoff .

On the subject of Councillors I am sure I saw the hypocrite tree hugger George Moss driving around in a Porsche the other week.Surely a mistake as I cant believe that anyone that thinks that cars are somehow going to cause us all to fry and all the poor ickle Polar bears to die would drive a Porsche rather than a G Wizz.So it would appear that old Georgy Porky is not that green after all but it would appear that he has the perfect qualifications to perpetrate the global warming scam in that he is stupid and a hypocrite.

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