Thursday, 11 November 2010

Community facility-crashed and burned?

Rumours are going round that the £3million community facility project has fallen at the last post.

Apparently Wealden wanted Crowborough Council to take on the liability for the project as well as bankrolling it.

Unconfirmed rumours suggest that the council may have made the correct decision by kicking the project into touch and Clive Wilson in the nuts by saying "no thanks".

I hope this rumour is correct and the Council will start to live within its means not way beyond it.

If this is true it will make it very awkward for Clive(Dunn) Wilson and the other nonentity whose name escapes me both of whom have tried to force this project down our throats and insist that we be grateful and foot the bill.

I stress that these are rumours but we can all keep our fingers crossed.

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