Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow update for Crowborough.

Snowing today and more snow expected.

Sussex Police advice is to make sure you have gone to the toilet and changed your underpants and when your driving dont forget to not crash.

I will post updates later if the Crowborough microclimate takes a turn for the worse.

This global warming is a killer.
Update 9.30 am- 1 inch of snow (in my garden) ,snowing hard,main roads fairly Ok but all other roads starting to look a bit dodgy.
Update 13.40.Still snowing,1.5 inches measured.main roads still clear.Bloody cold.

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Vicky said...

In my country never snows. Sometimes when rain gets really strong, some white ice grains start to fall. Everyone is happy, but cold is crowned. For us snow is kind of fantasy... for you... may be a nightmare. ^^

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