Friday, 26 November 2010

Wealden-bastards and thieves.

The complete bastards at Wealden have come up with another plan to fund the new community centre.
As well as the Town Council borrowing £3 million !! for the project Wealden wants to stick an extra £84 onto our council tax.

Councils should be cutting budgets and schemes like the community project should be first on the list.

I would hope that residents will resist this proposal and tell Wealden where to stick their £84.

As for Alan Cornish who is the Gob Shite in charge of the Community facility project he can go fuck himself as well.

All the meetings ,business plans and accounts for this project have been kept firmly out of the public domain (probably so we dont find out whose had their hand in the till) and they want us to
stump up even more money.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that WDC may not be all bad; perhaps they are trying to ensure that the project doesn't go tits up immediately it hits the first snag.

But with only a couple of weeks until the latest Lottery grant deadline and still no proper understanding of who's going to pay, this continues to be a project driven in panic mode.

We don't want it. It's in the wrong place. It will bankrupt the Town Council and kill other, better projects. It won't be profitable (will it?).

The "organisers" promised to raise a million quid. They raised nothing and blackmailed the council into stumping it up instead - two of the directors of CCA-2010 who are also town councillors, resigned their directorships in order to participate in and vote for the extra money.

It is now just a building project for the sake of it, and for the glory of the few, and certainly not for the people of Crowborough.

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