Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NSPCC must be stopped.Full Stop.

Another day another charity bag- this time from clothesaid on behalf of the NSPCC.

I have already established that clothesaid are a dodgy operator who makes a lot of money out of donated goods ,£700 per tonne for them whilst giving the charity £50 per tonne.

That should be reason enough to not give them any donated goods but perhaps you should also reconsider why you should be giving anything to the NSPCC in the first place.

The NSPCC has transformed from its humble beginnings into a state sponsored corporate money making machine.I feel that it would not be wrong to label the NSPCC
as a fake charity.

Looking at their accounts it would appear that they dont exactly need any extra money.

Just some numbers to consider from the 2009 accounts.

Total Income -£154 million
Income from Government-£20 million.
Cost of generating funds-£31 million.

What is achieved as a result of all this money being shovelled in their direction.

Well apart from from employing loads of marketing people,broadcasting "donate or the child gets it "adverts and subsidising Esther Ranksens pet project the answer would appear to be very little.Like so many organisations NSPCC has turned into a huge money making machine whereby a huge amount of that money goes on feeding the machine that is making the money.Charities cannot make a profit but they can spend millions on things like expensive buildings,company cars and wages for people whose only purpose is to raise the money to pay for their own wages.

Surely the issue of protecting children is not so great in this country that it requires a state sponsored organisation to spend £100s of millions of pounds on it.The NSPCC obviously overstate the child cruelty issue because it means more money for them but when they are actually needed they are nowhere to be seen.Where was the NSPCC and its squillions in the baby P case?

Unfortunately like bollocky climate change and immigration the righteous lefties have claimed child protection for their own for the simple reason they can make a huge amount of money out of it.If anyone starts to question the validty of their case they are immediately shouted down as being racist/climate denier or in the case of the NSPCC they will label any critic a peado or child abuser.

One thing they cant do is force you to donate to them so I would advise you to donate your goods to a proper charity that does what it says on the tin.

If you dont believe me then read this

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Captain Swing said...

Perhaps one of the visitors from NSPCC sportprotects could let us know how they spend all the money given to them by the taxpayer.
I would also be interested to find out how many staff in their organisation is earning over 50K a year and how many company cars the NCPCC has.

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