Monday, 1 November 2010

Another scam charity bag.

Childrens Hearts charity bag seems to be a scam.
It purports to be run by a company called RCC Ltd with a Crawley Tel No.

No such company exists acccording to companies house .If you read the small print they state they will give 60% of the profit for RCC LTD to charity.

As the company doesnt exist its unlikely they will make any profit or donate anything to charity.

Another scammer ripping off people donating goods on the assumption it will assist charity .

Dont give the thieving bastards anything.


Anonymous said...

Similar Flyer posted through our front door in Greenwich promising £50.00 will be donated to Against Breast Cancer for every tonne of books & CD's it receives.......
Another scam.

Anonymous said...

.......with the same Phone no. attatched ,I hasten to add.
01293 612512

jOHN said...

Same number on charity bag for Asthma UK distributed in Warlingham

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