Monday, 6 July 2009

Wealden Council is watching

Wealden District Council frequently comes up on my visitor lists .
I can only think of 2 scenarios as to why anyone from the council would want to read my posts during "work" hours.
1)Someone who is employed by the council is interested in my blog and likes to keep up to date with it.If this is the case then please dont be offended but fucking well do it in your own time not whilst you are supposed to be employed doing something useful.Actually I am finding it hard to think of anything that anyone employed by Wealden could possibly do useful other than get a proper job.For information the council tax payers dont pay a kings ransom every month so council employees can access foul mouthed blogs such as this.
2)Someone is employed by the council(paid by the taxpayer) to sit on their computer monitoring local blogs /websites for dissident views that dont fit in with their own warped mindset and values.
I am coming around to it more likely to be option 2 than option 1.
Without wanting to sound too "tin foil hat" I know that internet access is strictly controlled within the local government and civil service.Logs are kept and if you are found to have accessed something that you shouldnt have then its normally treated as a disciplinary offence.This would indicate that someone within wealden council has free reign to access anything they like .The motive of the "watcher" is not known to me but I would like to communicate with them in a spirit of honesty and free speech.
Dont take it personally mr or ms wealden watcher but people like you make me sick.No doubt you are some sort of right on twat who studied media studies at school and has found out that even Mc Donalds think you are unemployable.The only job you could get was as a council funded
quisling that views things that you are unable to understand because your brain power and life experience are on the par of a goldfish.I would guess you are probably in your middle age and still live at home with your mummy because everyone thinks you are a fucking knob end of the highest order.
There you go-stick that in your little book and go and run off theres a good gimp.Go tell your boss(they must be even more retarded than you) that someone doesnt express the views that
your common purpose mentor said everyone must express .BWahahaha someones been nasty to me.


Earthlet Nigel said...

I would like to add Horsham District Council to the list of venal medacious cunts that would have us do as they believe right, and will very much enjoy my day in court with the cunts on thursday.

Clearly I am a difficult person as two people have to see me everytime I want to talk to them. My recyclable waste hasn't been collected in weeks, although on the edge of the property as required, (mustn't make those bone idle pratts of dustmen, all with the charisma of a tapwrench, work).

Non Payment Ho Hum; receipts left, right and centre. How sad. Of course some cunt could be nicking the money; now would that be surprising???

By the way the Council employed "solicitor" has no formal legal training or study, nor have they been accepted for pupillage, so a paralegal cunt. Yes I expect to have much fun on Thursday

Captain Swing said...

Good luck on Thursday E.N give them hell.Let us know how you get on.

The reason that its always 2 against 1 is that they are thick as shit and this way their average intelligence rises to that of a very stupid, stupid person.

Captain Swing said...

Hello Gabriella Paterson-Griggs, Democratic Services Manager from Wealden council.Dont be shy-I dont bite or are you one of those people that just likes to "watch".

Captain Swing said...

Salary range £36,390 - £40,215

Earthlet Nigel said...

How did it go?

Well they have adjourned the hearing until the 6th August. Council, most put out by my presenting receipts, however the bitch still had the temerity to asked for a liability order, for what, it's fucking paid.

On taking the stand I levelled charges of incompetence and/or malice at the council. The bitches face was a picture, plan A was felled in one swoop.

They just don't know where they have credited the money, to which account, or which period, and have said that it may have been credited to another period other than that which the receipt and demand show, ergo it could still be outstanding, WTF. Clerk of the Court very pro council, and HDC have rewritten the Council Tax liability Heirarchy. Which means although the property is let, and the tenant has an agreement I am responsible for the Council Tax, and not the tenant. Tenants husband walked out on her over two months ago, I'm not surprised as she is a bit of a truccy bitch, who knows it all. Seems HDC's method of me having to pay circumvents their responsibility.
However I feel that the Clerk of the Court has misdirected the bench and will be checking this one out, if she has I will stick another nail in the coffin into which HDC should be cast adrift.

They were attempting to get 712 liability orders in one day, starting at 10am and finishing around 4pm, well pleased to say my escapade held things up for 1½ hours.

I was asked why I had not dealt directly with the co├║ncil on this matter, to which I replied I have tried, but they refuse to apply any commonsense. They also fail to recognise or admit their mistakes, however in court, as stated, they looked like idiots.

I also have contradictory letters from the various bodies within the Council Tax dept, these are lying in wait for the next hearing, more spanners heheheheh.

Captain Swing said...

Well done EN string it out for as long as you can and then finish them off.

Fuck me though 712 liability orders in one day-sounds a bit like a rubber stamp job on their part.

Just watch out for the sneaky cunts they are not below lying in court and fabricating evidence.

I learned a long time ago that when you deal with councils/police/civil service to never speak to people on the phone as they will deny everything if it hits the fan.I always communicate by e mail and keep copies of everything.Its amazing that people will put things in e mails that they wouldnt put in a letter.
In short outlook express is your friend and always remember TNKA
(take names kick arse).

Good Luck for the 6th August

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