Thursday, 16 July 2009

Brown Helicopters.

Everyone in the know is saying that our troops do not have enough helicopters in Afghanistan.
Coward brown states that there has been over a 50% increase in helicopters over the last 2 years and anyway the recent casualties wouldnt have been prevented by more helicopters.
Hello! what planet are you on brown arse.Percentages dont mean anything -if you started with one and end up with two that is a 100% increase but you still only have two.
If there were enough helicopters our servicemen wouldnt be travelling on roads.If they are not on the roads then the taliban(or whoever it is) wouldnt know where to plant IEDs.
So answer me one thing Mr Brown stain-why is it that when you visit Afghanistan you travel in a helicopter,perhaps next time you could travel in a soft skinned vehicle like our troops.
The MOD came up with the idea of supplying troops with refurbed Sea kings and Pumas to fill the gap(Sea Kings are good sturdy machines but the design is over 40 years old and Pumas are just crap).Our troops should be given the best helicopters available be that the Merlin or Black Hawk but I suppose a Sea King is better than a Snatch Landrover(which were excellent for what they were designed for but crap for protecting against IEDs).

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