Friday, 3 July 2009

Wealden advice-take it or leave it.

This is advice from Wealden District Council-read it and you get the idea that the people who write this shit are as thick as they think we are.

Keep Cool in Summer
As the effects of climate change become more apparent, it will be even more important to stay cool during the summer as temperatures get hotter. There are low cost ways to keep your home cool during warmer weather that also save energy.
Close curtains during the day, especially if you are going out, as keeping the sunlight out will keep the house cooler. Closing windows during the heat of the day will also help.
Open windows when it is cooler during the morning and evening.
If you use electric fans to stay cool, only use them in the room you are in and don’t leave them running when you are out.
A cool shower is a great way of cooling down at the end of the day and will use less energy than a bath.
If you have air conditioning only use it when the temperature inside is warmer than outside (otherwise just open a window). If you are using air conditioning only cool the rooms you are in and remember to close windows.
Try keeping some bottled tap water in the fridge add some slices of lemon or lime for flavour, rather than expensive and unhealthy fizzy drinks.
Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, and remember to cover up, use sun cream and wear a hat if you go outside.

I particularly like the bit about only using air conditioning if the temperature inside is warmer than outside-if you have air conditioning it cools the air to any temperature you want down to minimum of approx 18 degrees C.Am I supposed to do a full scientific experiment to find out the average temperature outside and compare it with the average inside temperature.Yeah right just like the idiots that wrote this actually researched anything before putting it down as official advice.Notice also they cant resist the climate change bollocks right at the start.Climate changes from day to day and week to week -its what we call the seasons.To keep it simple

summer hot-winter cold.

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