Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Despite the casualties the British Military are doing what they do best in Afghanistan.We should all be proud of these brave individuals who are fighting in this conflict.Millipede and Brown pants say that it is vital to national security that our soldiers remain.What the Politicians dont say is our troops are dying because of political interfering in this conflict.Our troops are suffering because a lack of helicopters , second rate armoured transport etc etc
What the politicos dont realise is that this conflict is unwinnable under current circumstances.Unless the Armed Forces are allowed to fight the Taliban as they see fit and with the best equipment available there are going to be a lot more casualties like we saw this week.Our European Nato allies are standing back and letting the UK,USA and Canada do all the dirty work while their soldiers do nothing.
There seems to be no exit strategy -I think now is the time to consider pulling our troops out and letting our "brave European Allies take over".
The politicians caused this mess but they dont have a clue what to do.Our Troops are getting killed and that bastard coward brown doesnt even have the decency to send someone to be there when the bodies come home.

Support Help for Heroes and dont forget the troops homecoming march through Tunbridge Wells this friday.

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Earthlet Nigel said...

There has been political interference in all wars post WWII. Up until Aden it was relatively mild, and the forces could act as they saw fit to achieve the aims set them. NI saw the big difference, with various governments restricting available options cos of not being deemed popular or "this could cost me my seat on the gravy train".

Conscript the children (18-30) of all civil servants and politicians, all those in the MOD of age, and send them to Afghanistan.

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