Friday, 3 July 2009

All the important News of the week.

I am a bit short of time so I am going to post a summary of my thoughts from the last few days in no particular order.

Michael Jackson-Still dead.

Gordon Brown-Still a cunt -worst performance ever at PMQs-0% growth.

Heatwave-couple of days of warm weather in summer does not make global warming/climate change bollocky bollocks.

Heat Alert-Level 3 alert issued by the powers that be this week whatever that means apart from its going to be hot.

Swine Flu-Its got so "serious" that the official advice is go home and rest for a couple of days.

Government Borrowing-Everyone else saying 20 billion a month is "not good".Gordon Brown and his party of no talents say we have run out of money so we are going to invest money we havnt got by printing money that doesnt exist.

Death at the hands of the Police-2 Dogs left to die in a car during the hottest day of the year by some cunt with the intelligence of a car jack.

Wimbledon-BBC wetting themselves over some miserable spoilt brat with a pushy mother winning a game that most people have no interest in whatsoever.

Glastonbury-BBC sends 4 hundred people to report on another load of Guardian reading luveys having a groovy time in a muddy field.

Climate change-a report has stated(dont you just know its going to be bollocks) that sheep on some Island off somewhere not that important have got smaller because of so called climate change.Fuck me I thought it took evolution millions of years to produce change but drive your Range Rover today and tomorrow small sheep pop up.Ergo cars equal small sheep.

Police Chief talks Bollocks-this is news!

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